Takrut Koo Meng Wan Dam Maha Sanaeh -Gambling and Attraction Amulet - Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi

The Wicha Meng Wan Maha Sanaeh is a very secret and rarely heard of Wicha which is only seen performed on the most unusual occasions. Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi Sri Taat has had the Metta to make a small quantity of these Takrut for his Looksit, as a double Takrut with two forms of Wicha Meng Wan Dam inserted.

The Takrut is inclined to bring results in sales and business deals, and also useful for gambling and speculative risk operations. In the case of using for gambling, this Takrut and Wicha have one special rule, that you must be honest and never cheat to win.

Method of Use;

The Takruts are bound together and enchanted to work as one using magical cords and then enticed to work to their utmost with the offering of the merits of a Buddhist Monk and gold leaf pasting.

This is a double Takrut with two spells in it which complement each other, one Maha Sanaeh for attraction of business, customers and wealth, and the other, Choke Lap, for winning streaks and lucky windfalls. The Takrut can be carried in the shirt or jacket pocket.

Before use, you should raise your hands to your forehead in Reverence to the Ruling Decas within the Takrut charms, and invoke the elements with;

Na Ma Pa Ta Uyae Ayae ANa A Na Ma A U Saatu Saatu Saatu Gaa Hodti Samphawo Jong Ma Bang Gerd Bpen Mahaa Sanaeh Maedtaa Choke Laap Gae Dtua Goo Duay U A Ma Ma Nee Terd Garomi

Chant once a day. On days when you are going gambling in places where the 'Jao Tee' (ruling Spirits) are very strong to beat, then Chant this 12 times.

Takrut Koo Meng Wan Dam Maha Sanaeh - Luang Phu Ya Kroo Noi