Dtugkhae Aathan magic Gecko for good business, love, social life and protection - LP Lum

Dtugkhae Aathan (sorcerous lizard) 4 Cm long - Nuea Din Aathan (magical earth powders) - Wai Kroo 2553 BE edition - Luang Por Lum - Wat Samakee Tam

Magical Gecko Metta Maha sanaeh / Choke Lap amulet by the current Master of this Wicha, Luang Por Lum, of Wat Samakee Tam. Made from 'Din Aathan' (earth powders from.  sacred and powerful places).

The base has magical spell inscription in Khom Agkhara.
Size of amulet; 4 Cm long 2 Cm wide

Luang Por Lum was apprenticed in Magical Wicha to the Great Luang Por Kreun (Pra Kroo Kosita Tammasarn), of Wat Sangkositaram (Supannburi), whose famous Gecko and Tugkhae lizard amulets are of highest esteem. He would travel back and forth to learn more and more from him during a period of time. Luang Por Lum was the only person lucky enough to get this chance to learn Magical Wicha with Luang Por Kreun, whose Jing Jok and Tugkhae lizard charms are the most powerful of all Thai Gecko amulets.

He got the chance as LP Kreun came to Wat Ban Ya Praek to assist in an Ordination ceremony. LP Lum was the one appointed to prepare LP Kreuns quarters, so he was able to prostrate to him and ask to be accepted as an apprentice. At first, LP Kreun did not answer and just continued to talk general conversation, but LP Lum knew that in fact, the Master was testing and checking his mental ability behind the scenes. After testing him a while and also checking his ability to read and write Khom, LP Kreun commented that it was important to read fluently and be able to read between the lines to interpret the meaning.

He said most old Kampir (Grimoires) of Magic were all in Khom scripture, so this was an essential part of the Magicians armory. One day, a monk came to the temple and said that Luang Por Kreun was calling for him, and he must rush to see him. When Luang Por Lum arrived and entered the Hut of Luang Por Kreun, he saw that the monk was not going to live much longer. LP Kreun sad that he had been thinking of Luang Por Lum and his great ability in meditation and Wicha Khom, and that although he wasnt attached and worried about magic, he did worry that the Wicha of the Tugkhae lizard was a Wicha that still had no Heir to cvontinue its existence in the world. He then began to teach Luang Por Lum the Wicha Tugkhae, and taught him to Chant and focus on the Kata Tugkhae all night until he became fluent and comfortable and in absorption with it.

He must perform the chanting and make as many Tugkhae lizards approach the hut as possible, if he was able to do this then he had begun to master the Wicha. When he would make an image of the Tugkhae in any shape or form, he should use the Novahorakun Kata to inscribe on the Tugkhae, and the Kata Twaadt Himapant.

Starting from the head moving towards the tail. If the Tugkhae amulet were to be made from sacred powders, then the powders must be made with powdered ‘Pong Lop’ (residue chalk from inscription of Kata and Yant on a blackboard, which are then mixed in to make amulets). The amulets must be chanted into with invocations until they can wiggle around as if living. If small miniature amulets, they can be blessed all together in one go using the aforementioned Kata 108 times. If large ones, they must be empowered individually. The Tugkhae Aathan is a special Wicha made famous by the Great Luang Por Kreun. Whoever carries the Tugkhae of LP Kreun is said to become wealthy.

Luang Por Lum was appointed to assist LP Kreun in many empowerments of his famous Tugkhae amulets and join in by adding his Jhanic powers. The Tugkhae of LP Kreun generated so many different stories of success and miraculous events, that they became the most famous Gecko amulets in Thailand. There is not other Samnak/Temple so famous for the Tugkhae amulets as Wat Samakee Tam.

The Gecko has the ability to assist in good business and sales, and also protect from thieves and bandits, warning from forthcoming dangers. The Tugkhae generates much metta which results in the wearer feeling cool and peaceful, happy. In fact, the Metta of the Tugkhae can help us in almost all areas of life, be it to improve life socially, professionally or for safety reasons.

Each edition of Luang Por Lum's Tugkhae Aathan ends up going so fast that the temple itself never has any left on the premises, and are an immensely popular amulet with both Men and Women. Apart from being empowered with the Wicha Tugkhae, Luang Por Lum also added some Maha Sanaeh and Choke Lap empowerments to increase the wealth and love charm faculties of the amulet and strengthen the effects of the Geckos charm. The Tugkhae is a 'Krueang Rang' type amulet (magic charm) and thuse does not have to only be worn hanging around the neck, rather can be hung on a key chain, in the pocket, or even placed on a small altar in the shop where you sell your wares, or in your home for Bucha. Place the Gecko on a 'Pan' (silver or brass tray/pedestal) on the altar.

To pray, make offerings of flowers and some sweetmeats and water, and chant Namo Tassa to the Lord Buddha first 3 times, then pray hard and make your wish as you choose.

Kata Metta Mahaniyom Luang Por Lum
Na Mettaa Ma Haa Niyom Mo Cheuy Chom A Niyom Mettaa Putta Raksaa Taa Niyom Ya Cheuy Chom A Niyom Mettaa Pra Arahang Rak Mai tree Mettaa Pra Mokallaa Yandti