Paya Hongs Jao Sap - LP Hongs - Hongsa birds and Ganesh double face hand painted amulet

Paya Hongs Jao Sap / Pra Pikanes (Hongsa with Ganesh) fang Ploi Takrut 3K (semi precious stone and three Kings Takrut) Run Choke Lap Maha Sethee - Luang Phu Hongs - 2546 BE 299 amulets made.

This Sacred Powder hand painted amulet from Luang Phu Hongs is pure Metta Mahaniyom and Kaa Khaay (increased sales quota), with very Powerful albeit soft and benevolent Deities on each side. One face features the Pair of Paya Hongs Jao Sap (Imperial Hongsa Bird Lord of Treasures), for increased business, improved social and love life and oratory skills, and the other face has Pra Pikanes (Ganesha Elephant Head God), who removes all obstacles and opens the path to success.

The amulet is hand painted, made from the finest mix of sacred powders, and has semi precious stones inserted. Each amulet is individually hand painted, and thus, no two examples are exactly the same colors or the same in every detail. Casing and registered airmail delivery is included in the price.

Released in the Run Choke Lap Maha Sethee edition in 2546 BE, which was a very famous and successful edition of amulets indeed. This amulet is very good for love, frindship, promotion, increase wealth, sales, customers..
Enables success, increase riches, happiness, auspicious blessings. Registered Airmail and Casing included in Price.