Tai Sia Huk Jow Chinese Success Deity coin amulet - Kan Chong Jeen (ancient chinese artifacts)

Sacred Thai Chinese Monkey Arahant Deity in the Posture of Success. Metta Mahaniyom Tai Sia Huk Jow Thai Chinese Monkey Deity is a strong protector and a Deity who enables success.Made at Wat Sam Jeen to celebvrate the 200dth anniversary of Tai Sia Huk Jow Thai Chinese shrine Deity.This amulet was blessed and empowered by a large number of Great Master Monks including LP Luck, Pra Ajarn Eed, Luang Por Ruay (Wat Tago), LP Perm (Wat Bom Gaew), LP Khaw, LP Mian, LP Pian (Wat Grern Gathin),Pra Maha Surasakt (Wat Pradoo), and Luang Por Chamnan.

Made from smelted metals using ancient artifacts brought by Chinese settlers who came to Thailand bringing their most precious family heirlooms with them.

Each coin in the edition has its own limited numbered code on the rear face

Rian Tai Sia Huk Jow Thai-Chinese Monkey Arahant God - Pang Samrej (Success) - Nuea Chanuan Kan Chong Jeen (smelted ancient Chinese metal artifacts) - Wat Sam Jeen 2554 BE special edition #1955

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