Mae Yua Muang (Kali) Love Charm amulet with 14 takrut spells - LP Kong Dech

Luang Por Kong Dech is The Master and inventor of the Na Long Nam Man Prai Chang Pasom Khloeng blessing ceremony, and the Gold leaf 'Hoeng Prai' blessing. His powerful Khmer Wicha makes the Mae Yua Mueang an authentic Magical amulet empowered using the authentic and original Khmer formula, which is the originator of the Mae Yua Mueang magic.

The front face features kali (Mae Yua) riding on a Shiva Lingam/palad Khik, with ten arms holding ten phallic Lingams and a garland of Lingams around her. This amulet is pure Kama Sutra Maha Sanaeh and Metta Kaa Khaay (increased sales for shopkeepers and salespersons). Very Powerful against both Men or Women, due to the male and female Maha Sanaeh herbs added. A very good Maha Sanaeh amulet for L:adies, which is perfectly tuned into and aligned with the Feminine energy, and has strong power to attract Males.

 The rear face has various effigies in Kama Sutra sexual postures, a Yoni (symbolic Vagina) with a Lingam (symbolic phallic) entering it, are in the center of these figures. A jade bead enchanted with Incantations is inserted. Nine silver Takrut Maha Sanaeh are inserted into the rear face, and a further five gold Takrut are inserted into the bottom of the amulet.

The Sacred Muan Sarn powders were made using the ancient formula from Phu Ruesi Sandtia, a legendary old Khmer Ruesi with the Master Wicha of powerful powders for Maha Sanaeh; Wan Dork Tong, Wan Bai Dtong Dtaek, Wan Prarn Hlong, Wan Sa-Or Erng Dtua Phuu, Wan Sa-or Erng Dtua Mia (male and female versions) all then empowered using the incantations of the Wicha Ang Dtria Saoeng Ran Dtor. This amulet was made in 3 different materials; Brown or Black Pong Maha Saneh powder versions, and one Loi Ongk in sacred metals.

Kata Bucha Mae Yua Mueang and See Pheung Mae Yua Mueang
Jijeruni Itagama.
Saa, Saa, Sa.
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Chant 7, or 11 Times
Mae Yua Mueang Niang Dtaro Ran Niaree - Nuea Pong Maha Sanaeh Dam Phu Sandtia - 14 Takrut Maha Sanaeh - Luang Por Kong Dech - Weat Tham Hua Rarerng (Buriram)

Also Available in brown sacred powders without Takrut, and brown sacred powders with three Takrut

Mae Yua Mueang Niang Dtaro Ran Niaree - Nuea Pong Maha Sanaeh Phu Sandtia - Luang Por Kong Dech - Weat Tham Hua Rarerng (Buriram)