Takrut Ka Rak Ka Hlong 3 Magic spells in one Takrut for Love, Influential Speech and good Business - Luang Ta Chuan

Kaa Rak Kaa Hlong Kaa Rang Kaa Ruu Takrut made from 'Yaa Kaa Sek'. Yaa Kaa is used for making the sacred brushes used to spray prayer water with (and also for Traditional grass roofing).

Luang Ta Chuan has invoked various metta Mahaniyom spells into the Yaa Kaa which is wrapped around the main Takrut in the centre, which is a leaden 'Takrut Tone'.The Yaa Kaa serves to increase the concentration of power within the Takrut and to implement much enchantment in the hearts of those whose hearts you wish to win. Very apt for people in showbusiness, actors and performers, to increase the chances of getting the main role, or of attaining success as a popular public person. Those who seek a partner in life will find a husband or wife easier with this Takrut accompanying them always at their side ('Kaa' means 'standing beside', as well as meaning 'grass').

First the Takrut Tone was made and empowered, then the Yaa Kaa was empowered and wrapped around the inner Takrut. Afyer this, magical cords were wrapped around the Yaa Kaa, and coated in 'Wan', a resin like lacquer made from natural magical herbs and resins with Metta and Maha Sanaeh properties. The Wan covering is then covered with a 'Yant Pratap Hlang' (rear face Yantra to seal any entry points). The Yant Pratap Hlang is there to cause the enchantment to last for an enduring time period.

The whole composition is composed of;

1. Takrut Long Metta yai (Great Metta takrut) - Love attractor -works with both Men or Women

2. Yaa Kaa with Maha Sanaeh, purchased from a pure female travelling salesperson who is Celibate. It is forbidden to rip or break the Yaa kaa of this magical type and purity, for it is said that Yaa Kaa was used to scoop up the Amrita Nectar of Immortality when the God Indra dropped it on the floor, and is thus a magical herb which possesses the property of 'Kaa Mai Dtaay' (kill them and they never die - Invincibility, Bulletproof, and Evasion of Danger), because it has soaked up some of the nectar of Immortality. Dig it up and throw it down to dry up, it will come back to life and grow again within a short time. Burn it and the roots will re-emerge again later. This magical component of the Takrut, is the part of the spell intended to cause people to become infatuated and fall in love, and once having done so, will never be able to forget again.

3. The 'Wan' that is used for the outer covering, is called 'Wan Hlong Hlai' , which when the Kata within the yantra and the powerful Maha Sanaeh effects of the Wan Sacred Muan Sarn ingredients combine, will result in a very hypnotic effect on those who approach, and make them defenseless against your charms and suggestions.

Useful as a Love Charm as well as for Business Operators and Salespersons.

Magical Properties;

Metta Mahaniyom ('Great Preference' Magic - likeability and popularity), Maha Sanaeh (attraction), Hlong Hlai (infatuation/fall in love).

Takrut Ka Rak Ka Hlong 3 Magic spells in one Takrut for Love, Influential Speech and good Business - Luang Ta Chuan - Wat Khwang


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