Phu Ruesi Ta Fai Gan Pai Hai Choke Yantra Cloth - LP Nen Kampiro Wai Kroo 2553

Pha Yant Phu Ruesi Ta Fai Gan Pai Hai Choke Ruay Krob Jakrawal - Maha Sethee Chana Marn edition 2553 BE - Luang Phu Naen Kampiro - 999 made 18 x 14 Inches

This Pha Yant was made during the Traimas three month empowerment of the Rainy Season, with Luang Phu Naen taking the extreme Nirotagam practice of closing himself within his Kuti for the whole three months and not having any contact or conversation with the outside world.

Released with the 'Run Sethee Chana Marn' (millionaire conquering the Mara) edition of amulets in 2553 BE, along with a series of Beautiful Pra Upakut amulets, some Lockets, and Metta Balms.

The Phu Ruesi Yantra cloth is designed to bring a host of protective spells and auspicious blessings and empowerments on the owner or household it resides with. Useful for almost all purposes, it increses and generates luck, success, increased concentration, protection, wealth, and Metta. The true nature of Phu Ruesi is Metta. Underneath the Ruesi Hermit Deity is the image of a warrior with maidens attending him as entourage.
The image seems to be an amalgamation of Khun Phaen with Hmern Haan.Hmern Haan was a soldier who was so strong and able bodied, that he was able to fight with a Buffalo single handedly without the aid of any weapons, and beat the buffalo and kill it with his bare hands!

It is obvious from the Sacred Imagery on this Pha Yant, that Choke Lap, Kong Grapan, Amnaj, Metta and Maha Saneh magic are present, making this Yant cloth a complete set of Magic spells in one item. Can be carried in purse, pocket (upper) on the wall of the Bucha area or in your temple/samnak.

The day LP Naen emerged from his 3 month retreat, was the day of Tord Gatin Pha Pah(donating monks robes), and Luang Phu performed the act of recieving the donations of Monk Robes himself, and then there was a ceremony of 'Buad Chee Prahm' (ordination of white clothed Brahman/Buddhist  Nuns), and then empowerment and the chanting of the Puttapisek Sompochana for the Pra Upakut Chana Marn amulet edition of amulets was performed with chanting the whole night long.

999 Yantra Cloths were made in all. size; 18 Inches x 14 Inches

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