Khun Chang Maha Sethee - Khun Phaen Legend amulet for riches

Khun Chang Maha Setheee from Luang Por Sompong Tiratammo of  Wat Mai Pin Gliaw, Nakorn Pathom. Released on the 19th May 2552 BE.

The rear face has large Tagrud spell inserted, sacred inscriptions in Khom lettering, and some Pong Aathan  and Pong Prai magical powders sprinkled over the amulet for increased attraction and money magnetism.

Price; $44U.S.

Comes with original box from temple. No case included but i can offer service of hand made custom silver casing if wished. This requires a week to be made.

Khun Chang Khun Phaen is both a legend and a true story. The Khun Phaen image has become Thailands most famous amulet for Love Charm and Business attraction, but indeed the Masters of Saiyasart did not only create Magic Spells for Khun Phaen, but also for his legendary rival, the Multi Millionaire Elephant Mogul, 'Khun Chang Maha Sethee'. Khun Chang Amulets are rarely seen to be made, most probably due to the fact that the extreme fame of the Khun Phaen ban Grang amulet overshadowed the Khun Chang amulets which also came later, and thuse had rather a difficult task to attain the same position and rank as the Khun Phaen amulet in the Thai and Foreign Amulet scene.

 Above; replica of Khun Changs house.

But when the devotee is seeking strong magnet for riches and business without the need for the Love Charm aspect of the magic, then Khun Chang Maha Sethee is much more adequate for the businessman or gambler, than the Khun Phaen amulet.

Khun Chang Maha Seti

Khun Chang sits with a small sack of Gold and smiles happily. His belly is round (an auspicious shape for Asian people) and his smile and eyes radiates
 peace and happiness. Incredible Metta Mahaniyom magic with the power of 'Duang Sethee' (horoscope of the Millionaire) influence empowerd in the amulet.

The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen: Slipcased Set Thai Culture: Khun Chang Khun Phaen PA1091 Rich Deep Pink Rhodochrosite Crystal Pendant 

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