Siarn Reusi Boroma Kroo Por Gae (Ruesi Kroo Mask for Ritual Ceremony and Bucha)

Siarn Boroma Kroo Ruesi Por Gae

Por Gae Ruesi Mask for Ritual Initiation, Wai Kroo, Korb Kroo, and Bucha on your altar.
Comes with stand.

Price including Postage registered International airmail (7 to 10 days); 
$145  US

I plan to begin offering Ruesi Masks of all shapes, sizes and Deities in the coming months, and hopefully assemble the first place where you can get a wide choice of Ruesi Mask deities in various qualities and prices, sizes etc. This one is just about 90 percent life size, and is suitable for Korb Kroo, Wai Kroo but not for wearing as a full mask for Sak Yant, for it is not wide enough to place over the whole head.
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