Magical Sariga Ointment for Metta, love charm, business sales Luang Por Pan

This is a 'Dtalap See Pherng' (lid of magic ointment) with Sariga bird incantations. Made using an ancient formula taken from the "Dtamra Maha Sanaeh Gariang Kor Maa". Made by Luang Por Pan Gadtabanno, Wat Na Dee, Gaeng Koy, Sara Buri.

This kind of magical ointment is called 'See Pherng' in Thai.

The lid has a very intricate Sacred Yant embossed on it with two Sariga Birds, so not only the sacred mixture of the ointment and is considered a magical item, rather also the container is essentially also a worthy piece of 'Wattumongkol', that has been blessed and empowered with the ancient Sariga spell to charm others in both professional and social environments. The lid is about 4 cms wide. Two silver Tagruds with Sariga Magic spells have been embedded into the ointment.

You can use this in many ways, Bucha and carry around with you, or rub a little on when you chant the Kata anbd think of who you wish to charm. You can rub it on things in your shop which you wish to sell.. or even write the name of the person you wish to charm in the ointment and chant, thinking of the goal of your aims as focused as possible. Always chant the prayer to triple gem first (Namo Tassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa) three times and make offerings to the Buddha before beginning your chanting to your amulet. This is the rule for all Buddhist amulets. This ointment lid has some extremely rare and expensive ingredients in the potion, and is larger than many magic ointment pots available. The container can be reused and can also be considered a ritual item of Bucha, for the Yant Sariga Koo emblazoned on it, which has also been blessed and invoked.

Price;  65$US

Kata to Bucha all forms of amulets in the Dtamra Gariang Kor Maa;
Om Naa Ya Ya
Su Na Mo So
Sa Ra Dti Jidt Dtang
Maa Rae Ma Ma Ae Hi
Ae Hi Naa Ka Ya
Na Bpa Mak Ka
Ja Ka Ya Kha Na
Jidt Dtang Smaa Ka Naa
Smaa Ka Na Hom Cha Ka Swaa Ha

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