Pra Yod Khun Pon with 2 silver tagrud and semi precious stones - Luang Por Sakorn Wat Nong Grap

Pra Yod Khun Pon amulet - Luang Por Sakorn Wat Nong Grap

This amulet is a 'Pra Yod Khun Pon Lopburi' - it has two silver Tagruds and semi precious stones inserted into the back face for Metta and Choke Lappa, Maha Sanaeh, and with Yant Look Om for Kong Grapan Protection.

Styled in the Lopburi Artistic Era styling - an elaborately detailed 'sum' (arch) has been used around the Deity as the outer frame of the amulet.

Luang Por Sakorns amulets have come to be of the most popular lines of amulets of the present day, with his Khun Phaen amulets going for higher prices than many other well known amulets that are much much older. This is due to the results which many people have had from wearing and making Bucha to LP sakorns magic charms, and many reports of amazing success have caused his amulets to be in extreme demand.
Pra Yod Khun Pon amulet - Luang Por Sakorn Wat Nong Grap

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