Pra Gru Tham Suea - sale for Merit Making

Pra Gru Tham Suea (Hnaa Gae) - Supannburi

I have a few of these given to me by Luang Por Dte of Wat Pah Maha Chanokas a thank you for helping to raise funds for the completion of the seven Birthday Buddha images at the temple. I now wish to raise more funds for Luang Por Dte to buy 'Glod' Parasols and mosquito nets for Monks and Lay practitioners to use when visiting the temple for practice, and to help finish the completion of the Sala so that devotees have a place to come and pay worship and pray.

I have had a few seasoned amulet dealers look at these and all of them confirmed them to be of considerable age. They can be (and are), classed as a submember of the Benjapakee family of amulets and are considered one of the classics. I will donate all the funds from the purchase of this amulet to the temple of Wat Pah Maha Chanok to continue the projects. You can either pass the funds through me if you already know/and or trust me or deposit directly in the temples bank acct. If you deposit in the temples bank acc then oyu should send me scan of the transfer slip so i can confirm it with Luang Por, and then send you the amulet. I have already written about Luang Por Dte here on the blog and about Pra Gru Tham Suea. Try the 'search this blog' search module using these two terms and see whats there to find out more about the origins of this amulet and the temple of Wat Pah Maha Chanok. I believe these amulets to be sacred. They were buried at the temple by a monk who wandered there on Tudong from Supannburi. He left various amulets there, nost of them being Pra Gru Tham Suea, with a few other rare amulets such as Luang Por Dto Gru bang Grating, and Somdej Rasamee (Khun Phaen Perd Maan). There was also one from India which i kept for myself, and also published for viewing on this blog.

Price of making Merit and receiving this amulet; 2000 Thai Baht (plus whatever you wish if you like to donate more).

Bank Details;
Krung Thai Bank (Bangkok Bank)
Acct. # 054170594185
Branch/Office 824 Klong Tom
I am not sure if the acct. is in the name of the temple or the abbot so shall post this later in case it is needed.
To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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