Kuman Tong (Dtugadtaa Tong) LP Yaem Wat Sam Ngam Thai Animist Deity

Gumarn Tong by LP Yaem, Wat Sam Ngam, Nakorn Pathom

Price; $193.830U.S.  (or SG$248.487)
About 5 inches wide base and just over 9 inches high
This Gumarn Tong Deity for Luck and Business sales, happiness in the household, has become legendary since Luang Phu Yaem continued the Lineage of Gumarn Tong making as the surviving Looksit of the Great Master Luang Por Dte Kong Ton (Wat Sam Ngam). These statues are in extreme demand and are becoming ever rarer and more difficult to find. The Gumarn Tong is of course from the Khun Phaen Legends, which i have written about in Issue One of 'Buddha Magic' Ezine.
Magical Properties; Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Kaa Khaay, Klaew Klaad.

The Kuman Name in History Animist Dong Fang - Shine
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