Thai Amulet Pra Pid Ta Run Chae Nam Montr - Luang Por Mee 2541 BE

Two Pra Pid Ta amulets soaked in Prayer Water by Luang Por Mee - Available in Black Pong Bai Lan sacred powder or, white Pong Puttakun Wan 108 powder (one of each in stock only)

This Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap Run Chae Nam Montr (soaked in prayer water edition) was released in 2541 Be. This means it was made at least 3 years before, because Chae Nam Montr requires a three year empowerment. This one is medium size and thus apt for both ladies and men. The surface aging and texture has increased in beauty through the soaking of the amulet in prayer water for 3 years.

The Rear Face has 'Yant Putsoorn' on it for Metta and Maha Lap. Kong Grapan etc.

The Muan Sarn (sacred powder mixture) is very fine quality and rich in sacred ingredients, including Nuea Pong Bai Lan powder and Pong Wised. The amulet comes with original box from temple and casng included in price

Price; 65$U.S.

Pra Pid Ta Luang Por Mee Wat Mara Wichai

There is also one in white available;

LP Mee is Abbot of Wat Marawichai in Bang Nom Kho, Ayuttaya.

Wat Marawichai is one of the various related temples of importance of the Bang Nom Kho and Sena districts of Ayuttaya.

Ayuttaya is considered to be the home of many vary sacred temples where great monks practice, syuch as Wat Na Tang Nok and Wat Bang Nom Kho amongst many others.

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