Rian Luang Por Koon Wat Ban Rai - Run Gu Chuay Meung

LP Koon Monk Coin for riches and Luck

This is an old coin  from Luang Por Koon of Wat ban Rai temple in Nakorn Ratchasima - this edition was called 'Run (edition) Gu Chuay Meung' - 'Gu Chuay Meung' means 'I will help you'. Luang Por Koons power is invested into the amulet to help you succeed and protect you from dangers and ailments. LP Koon amulets are believed to be always invested with spells to make you richer too.

Luang Por Koon is famous for his use of the word 'Gu' (normally considered an impolite form of the word 'Me' used in rural areas when speaking with close relatives and friends) to refer to himself, and the use of the word 'Meung' (impolite word for 'You').

The rear side has Yant Ongk Pra on it and the words 'Gu Chuay Meung' The Kata 'Putta Sangmi' is inscribed in Sacred Khom Agkhara lettering around the Yant.

Price; $52U.S.
I am not sure which year this was released, but am sure it was not later than 2537 BE.

This has become one of LP Koons Endearing factors and shows his down to earth, unpretentious attitude and simplicity which has enchanted the local folk of Nakorn Ratchasima for Decades, and indeed led him to become one of the top living Master Monks in Thailand, and one of Thailands most famous monks amongst International visitors and devotees. Many miracle stories of encounters with LP Koon or his amulets have cropped up opver the decades, and i believe that Luang Por Koon is well known enough around the world that i dont have to recount his Biography here. Suffice to say that he is so famous that even a film has been made of his life, as well as top Thai rock band Carabao having made a song named after him called 'Luang Por Koon'. All Monk Coins are considered to possess 'Serm Duang' magic (improve Karmic and astrological influences)

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