Choo Chok Palad Khik fusion magic amulet - Luang Phor Jirant

Choo Chok Palad Khik two-in-one amulet for attraction, riches and luck - made from Nuea Loha Rom Man Pu - Luang Por Jirant - Wat Praja (waterproof case included)

The amulet is targeted for Puttakun (Protection and Metta), Kaa Khaay (good business sales) and Choke Lap (Luck and fortune). Made from Nuea Loha Rom Man Pu (cast iron with a black oily finish, known as 'shaded oil coating'). The waterproof acrylic transparent casing allows for perfect visual appreciation, and is included in the price for this amulet. Unisex in Nature, this amulet is small in size and very fitting for a lady to wear as well as a man. Magic Charms such as thi are not only worn around the neck on a chain, but can also be hung on a keychain, placed in wallet, or in the car or place of business.

palad khik choo chok amulet - jujaka statuette
You are not forced to keep the amulet in the highest possible place above your head, but you can too if you wish to make Bucha on an altar. If making an altar which has animist effigies on it, it should always be separate from the Bucha place to the Buddha, with the exception of Monk statues, and Ruesi Deities, who were always in the attendance of the Buddha and in recognition of his Enlightenment and Mastery over all other Gurus - they are thus seen as a second level of the Sangha, who have howver not yet taken the direct route to Nibbana, and are still wandering the Realms of Karmic activity, instead of Vultivating the Causes of escaping it, as the Bhikkhu (Buddhist Monk) does.

Size; 2.47 Cm  hich, base is 1.22 x 1.11 Cm wide. 999 amulets made in the Limited Edition.
The amulet was blessed and empowered over a long period of time by LP Jirant, until the final day of its Puttapisek Taewapisek ceremony. It was given the full empowerments of both Choo Chok Deity and also the Palad Khik (Shiva Lingam) effigy.
palad khik choo chok amulet - jujaka statuette
Luang Por Jarint is a Looksit of Luang Por Tim (Wat Chang Hai - creator of the original Luang Por Tuad amulet), as werll as being a Looksit

of Luang Phu Nong (Wat Sai Khaw, the second most important temple for Luang Por Tuad amulets). Both of these Gaeji Ajarns were involved in

the making of the ortiginal Luang Por Tuad 2497 BE Tao Reed amulet.

Luang Por Jarint ordained as a Bhikkhu at the age of 24 at Wat Ratburana (Wat Chang Hai), and had Pra Kroo Wisai Sope (Luang Phu Tim himself)

as his Ordaining Officer, and Luang Por Suk of Wat Prang Man as his chanting assistant. Pra Kroo Tamma Gij Goson (Luang Phu Nong, Wat Sai

Khaw) performed the duty of Anusawanajarn.
Considering these facts, it is obvious that, if Wat Chang Hai is to have another Great Guru Master of the Wat Chang Hai tradition, then it is

most probably going to be Luang Por Jarint, for his direct Lineage connections, and Magical Wicha received from the Lineage.

Kata Choo Chok for riches

Idti Sugadto Chanaa Supo Choo Cha-Go Sugadto Idti

Alternative Version Kata Choo Chok

Al-Lum Bpatamang Pandtae Bpurisowaa Idtheewaa Turaehiwaa Samibpaehiwaa Thaerassa-aanupaawaena Sataahodti Bpiyang Ma Ma

Choo Chok Palad Khik - Nuea Loha Rom Man Pu - Luang Por Jirant - Wat Praja (waterproof case included)
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