Tao Wes Suwan Song Hnaa two faced Asura King with Deva and Yaksa face - Luang Por Goy

Taw Waes Suwan Song Hnaa (two faced Waes Suwann with Deva and Yaksa face) Luang Por Goy - Wat Khao Din Dtai

Taw Waes Suwan Yaksa Deity for Success and Prosperity, Immense Wealth accumulation, and protection from all forms of Demons and black magic, ghosts etc.

This amulet is small size and suitable for both Ladies and Men. Its high level of detail and quality casting is typical of all amulets from Wat KHao Din Dtai temple, and the authenticity of their empowerment is without question, for Luang Por Goy is universally accepted as a Great and Powerful master, as well as a very meek and humble monk who lives very simply indeed.

tao wes suwan two face

Taw Waes Suwan is also the Deity for Businessmen and High Level Careers to worhship, for he is the Asura King of the Norther Quarter and the Richest Asura of his Realm. He commands all the nether Yaksa demons and can punish unruly monsters with his crystal club.

This particular Taw Waes Suwan Loi Ongl Mini Bucha statuette serves two differing functions of the two differing qualities of Taw Waes Suwan, because this Deity has two faces, one facing forward and one facing back;

The Yaksa Faced side deals with the act of chasing away and warding off Yaksa, Maras, Ghosts and Demons, and protects from all enemies. If he guards over you, the Asura and other Monsters will not dare to bother you, for he is indeed their King, Lord and Master and his Kata can bind and control them (The Aadtaanatiyaparitta). His crystal club punishes any who dare to risk coming near with thoughts of harm.

The Deva Faced side is the representation of Taw waes Suwan as an accomplished wealthy Lord, whose great successes and efforts resul;ted in his amazing wealth and power over his minions. This elevated him toe a Deva in the Dawadeungsa level.
The amulet is empowered by Luang Por Goy to serve these two functions of
1. attracting riches and success in business ventures.
2. Protecting from Demons and Evil spirits, black magic and other inauspicious beings or events.
Kata Taw Waes Suwan Song Hnaa (LP Goy)
Idtipiso Pakawaa Yommaraachaano Taw Waes Suwanno

Maranang Sugkhang Ahang Sugadto Na Mo Puttaaya
Taw Waes Suwanno Jadtu Mahaa Raachigaa Yagkhapandtaa Pat Puradto
Waesa Pusa Puttang Arahang Putto Taw Waes Suwanno Na Mo Puttaaya

Taw Waes Suwan Song Hnaa (two faced Waes Suwann with Deva and Yaksa face) Luang Por Goy - Wat Khao Din Dtai

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