Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap Pim Po Gao Bai (Gammagarn) - LP Tong Kam

Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap Pim Po Gao Bai - Hlang Roop Muean (Gammagarn 276 amulet limited edition) - Nuea Pong Puttakun Pasom Wan 108 - LP Tong Kam Intawaso - Wat Tham Tapian Tong

The front face features the Lord Buddha subduing the Mara Demons in the moment of his Enlightenment. Below him is his Throne under the Bodhi tree with Mae Toranee Earth Godess washing the maras away in a flood.
The rear face has the image of Luang Por Tong Kam Intawaso, of Wat Tham Tapian Tong (Lopburi). A pice of his Civara Robe is pasted onto the image. This amulet is from the small limited edition gammagarn Sets, which were issued in packs of three.

'Run Maha Sethee Mee Sukh' (Happy Millionaire edition). Beautiful Buddhist art is applied to the creation if these sacred Somdej type amulets. The front face depicts an image of the Lord Buddha himself sitting on the Throne of Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree and the Earth Goddess Dharani (or, 'Pra Mae Toranee', in Thai) squeezing a tumult of water out of her hair, and washing the Maras away. The rear face image of Luang Por Tong Kam Intawaso on the rear, with a piece of his Civara robe attached. - Made Wat Tham Tapian Tong (Lopburi)

Made in 2552 BE, by Guru Monk Luang Por Tong Kam Intawaso of Wat Tham Tapian Tong, Lopburi. Lopburi is home of Many Great Masters of Khom Wicha and Saiyasart, because of its Khom History and proximity to the Khmer Kingdom - the Wicha to be found in Lopburi is very close to the Khom Wicha, and one of the most powerful of all provinces of Thailand.

Luang Por Tong Kam
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Comes without Case - this is a rather large size amulet with a height of over 5 Centimeters and is thus recommendable either for a Man to wear, or for placing on a Bucha altar for worship and other purposes (e.g. making prayer water).

Puttapisek Empowerment
16th August 2552 BE (76th Birthday of LP Tong Kam Intawaso)
The empowerrments were additionally given Jhanic force by the following Guru Monks;
Luang Por Poon (Wat Ban Paen, Ayuttaya), Luang Por Maen (Wat Na Tang Nok, Ayuttaya), Luang Por Uean (Wat Wang Daeng Dtai, Ayuttaya), Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr (Wat Jantrangsri, Khon Gaen), and 4 Master Monks from Wat Rakang Kositaram (names not available).

Ony 276 amulets of each of the three kinds made in Gammagarn Version were made.
5.6 Centimeters High and 3.7 Centimeters wide. Comes without case.

LP Tong Kam is a learned Master and Practitioner who incorporates all important aspects of Thai Buddhism into his amulets and in addition, maintains the quality of Buddhist Art and Religious Artifact making to the same standards of the past, and does not allow the advance of the modern age to influence his interpretation of the content of the amulets.

This amulet for example, is a perfect example of how Thai Buddhism is interwoven with the Brahman belief in Deities and the Animist traditions that were surely already here before the advent of Buddhism. The Buddha shows Buddhism, and the Dharani Deity shows Brahmanism.

The beauty of it all is, that none of these three belief systems can be offended in any manner by these three images being put together, because they all fit together in harmony and do not contest each others existence.

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