Pra Pong Sri Maha Prohm - Sangkaracha 96th Birthday memorial edition - Wat Boworniwes

Brahma amulet made and blessed by the Sangkaracha himself (Somdej Pra Yan Sangworn).
Made from fine sacred Powders under Royal Commission from the Sangkaracha, and blessed in Puttapisek Empowerment ceremony, with a Host of Powerful Master Guru Monks.

Rental Price; $39.99
Released for celebration of the Sangkarachas 96th Anniversary. All amulets from Wat Boworn are ususally under Royal Commission and made with the finest artists and ingredients, as well as recieving a very ipmportant and Sacred blessing ceremony. This is the temple where Our King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Rama 9) was ordained and spent his time as a Monk, and is the seat of the Nations most important monks. All amulets recieved a numbered code in their limited edition. This amulet bears the numbered code 5001

rear face Brahma amulety by sangkaracha

It is one of Bangkoks top three most important temples, along with Wat Pra Kaew, and Wat Rakang Kositaram. Due to its stately connections, the amulets emerging from this Temple are much more economically priced as manyt other temples, and is oue of our most recommended choices for well made quality sacred amulets that have a correct and sacred empowerment from reputable Masters, which however do not carry a heavy price tag.

The Sangkaracha is the head Monk of the Royal Temple and considered to be the leading entity of the Thai Sangha. He is Officially the highest Monk in all Thailand.
These amulets were made, blessed and empowered along with the Pra Kring 8 Rob amulets made for celebration of the Sangkarachas 80th anniversary as a Monk and 96th Birthday.

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