Pha Yant with Luang Por Koon (Wat Ban Rai) handprints 2541 BE

Pha Yant LP Koon handprints

Pha Yant Roy Fa Mer Luang Por Koon (Hand Prints of Luang Por Koon) - Wat Ban Rai 2541 BE
'Meung Ma Haa Gu Hai Meung Choke Dee Meung Glab Pai Hai Meung Ram Ruay Ruay' edition.
The name of the edition means 'Come to see me i give you luck, go back home and i bestow you with riches'
One of a pair of Pha Yant made, the other being with Luang Por Koons footprints.
Serm Duang, Choke Lap. Luang Por Koons blessing is that of Choke Lap and Maha Niyom,for enrichment of wealth.

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