Pra Somdej Jaroen Yot - Hlang Roop Muean - Luang Phor Solos

Pra Somdej Jaroen Yot - Hlang Roop Muean (cameo picture on rear face) - Nuea Muan Sarn Pasom Pong Gao - Luang Por Solos - Wat Koke U Tong - Stainless steel fancy Case included.

Made from Muan Sarn Pasom Pong Gao (ancient sacred powders collected from various Guru Masters), this Somdej has a Camo Photo (Roop Muean) of Luang Phor Solos - Celebrating the 86th anniversary of Luang Por Solos (76 Pansa - seventy six years of his 86 have been ordained as a Bhikkhu).
The Pra Somdej amulets were made and empowered by Luang Phu in the Bote of Wat Koke U Tong (shrine room). He performed 'Peng Gasin Fai' (fire element staring to empower amulets) unbtil the candle had completely melted down and burned out. Then he empowered them with Puttapisek chanting in the middle of the shrine room for 'Maha Ud' empowerment (gunstopper), and then opened the windows of the shrine room for the 'Maha Lap' spell to be chanted (open windows to recieve riches).

This amulet comes with stainless steel casing included in the price. 996 amulets made in this limited Camo edition, which Luang Phu empowered to bring in more earnings than costs, and increase your wealth (savings).

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