Pra Sivali Um Batr with Gumarn Tong for immense Riches - Luang Por Dum

Pra Sivali amulet for riches and Serm Duang from Luang Por Dum of Wat Santitam.

Pra Sivali amulet LP Dum

Pure Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Lap - Pra Sivali on the front for attracting Metta and Lucky Auspicious events, and Gumarn Tong Deity on the rear face with one silver Tagrud in the rear and tempe stamp of authenticity in the base. This amulet is a two in one and has double effect, along with double Bucha methods which should both be employed in order to empower and manifest the magic of the amulet.

You must First pray to Pra Sivali (always of course praying to Buddha first if you are Buddhist, and chanting Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times. Buddhists must always par reverence to the Triple Gem before praying to any Deities).

How to make Offerings to Bucha Pra Sivali properly - Ceremonial necessities for making Bucha to Pra Sivali;
• 3 White Flowers, 3 fragrant flowers, 3 lotus flowers
• One bowl of water with jasmine flowers floating in it
• Toop Horm (Incense sticks)
• Candles
• On Thursdays, you must also offer one bowl of honey
• On Saturdays, you should offer seafood, or food made from parts of the lotus flower
What to Offer If making "Gae Bon" (cleaning bad Karma);
• Young Coconut milk
• sweet bananas (Kluay Horm variety)
• Make offerings and invite Sangha to receive food and alms once

Kata for Chanting to Pra Sivali >>>>>

When making Bucha to the Gumarn Tong in this amulet, think of Luang Por Dum.

Light 5 incense sticks, and ask for the blessings of the local Deities and the Gumarn.

Make offerings of Flowers, sweet scented things, sweetmeats and sweet drinks.

When you are sitting to eat, remember to invite your Gumarn to eat with you. As the Gumarn for things you wish, but do not ask for things that may be beyond the capability of the Gumarn Tong. If you promise treats or to do certain things when your Gumarn makes your wishes come true, then you must keep your promise and do the things you said you would when you asked for the blessings. This is a strong rule and must be obeyed.

Kata Bucha Gumarn Tong (LP Dum Wat Santitam)

Aehi Gumaa Aehi Komahingsaa Aehi Tanang Aehi Aaahaara Pochanang Lohidtang Warang Sudthaa

Purchase of this amulet allows a free download of the Pra Sivali Biography and synopsis from Buddha Magic 2 Ezine as a free download in the files section.

Comes with waterproof casing included in price.

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