Kuman Tong statuette for riches with waterproof casing by Luang Phu In

2.3 Centimeters Wide, 3.4 Centimeters high, this Gumarn Tong statuette is the perfect portable Bucha. Buddha statues must always be placed in high places, but a Gumarn can be carried not only as a neck pendant but also as key chain, hang in the car or in the store, or in your purse or handbag.

The Gumarn comes with waterproof casing and registered airmail delivery  included in the price. Issued in the 2553 Wai Kroo Ceremony at wat Nong Meg.

Gumarn Tong Dood Rok - LP Nong Tammachodto

Kata to call the Gumarn Tong (Kata Riak Gumarn Tong)
Aehi Gumaaro Aehi Gumaaree Aehi Rak Yom Aehi Prai Tong Bpiyang Ma Ma
Bpudt-Dtang Wasaayadti Aaragkhaana Bpajjayo
Rao Rak Yom Gumarn Tong Jong Maa Aehi Ma Ma

Alternative Version;
Om Paniji Jaeruni Pantang Aehi Ma Ma

When you go places or enter and leave buildings you should speak to the Gumarn in your heart to accompany you.

When you eat you should speak in your heart that the Gumarn should come to eat with you. Make a separate offering do not give from your own plate.

The Gumarn will call friends. customers and riches to you, lovers and admirers, and will chase away enemies and protect you and your household and family.

When bringing the Gumarn into the home for the first time, you should tell the Gumarn that the peole in the house are friends and that the Gumarn should accept and look after them too.

Kata for empowerment of Gumarn Tong
Aehi Gumaarang Udti Uni Na Ang Idti Putto

Kata for calling the Gumarn to eat
Jadturapuudtaanang Ahang Waayang Ammahaara Gumaarang Gumarn Tong Maa Rap Pochanaa aakajchgaahi Dtiwadtabpo Aakajchaaya Maa Look Maa (Luang Por Jong, Wat Na Tang Nork, Ayuttaya).

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