Donations needed - Tents for Wat Koh Lanta for people Practice Dhamma

Luang Por Songchai is preparing to enable facilities on the island of Koh Lanta for people to practice Dhamma and Vipassana in Tudong Tradition sitting out in tents meditating in the day and night. In order to do this he is making a comfortable lawn with shade from trees and needs to obtain tents for the people who will stay to practice in the temple. Here are the tents i am going to recommend him to use because they are wind mosquito and rain proof - they are 'Glod" (the umbrella used by monks to meditate under the whole night in the forest). But with a difference, they are also like a tent, and thus apt for foreigners who are not used to the mosquitos and have white supple skin which the mosquitos find delicious.

Anyone wishing to make merit can see the details of Wat Koh Lantas bank account at the bottom of this post and make a donation, or can pay to get some of these tents sent to the temple if they wish (i shall return here to post some websites where they can be bought if i can find some - in this case you will be able to order, pay and have it sent to the temple without my interference).

I shall be posting some photos of the temple and Luang Por very soon. I just wanted to post it whilst i was thinking of this idea to help - the Buddha taught that  when you think of doing something, you should do it there and then, if not you might forget or never do it.

This is a needed merit for a Good Monk and a good temple which is planning to aid in spreading the Dhamma around the world and making it accessible to people who come to Koh Lanta on their travels or holidays, and come and experience Vipassana practice from a Master Monk.

The Bank account details for Wat Koh Lanta Are;

Account Name; WAT KOH LANTA
Account Number; 9730039917
Account Type; Savings account
Bank Branch: KOH LANTA
Swift code (instead of IBAN); BKKBTHBK

I am now searching for various sources to purchase these tents on the internet as well as direct purchase from the shops. Because we are on an island, and need 2 ferries to go to krabi (which probably doesn't have any shops for this anyway), I think it will be nice and easy if i can find a decent online place to order and have sent.

I shall add the adress too soon in case anyone wishes to obtain a tent and send per post, or otherwise donate anything. Another great way to donate for people who are visiting Koh Lanta is to buy one in Bangkok and bring it to practice, and then donate it when they leave. This is of course only for those who do visit Koh Lanta and come to practice.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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