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Tagrud Fon Sanaeh Jantr Dork Kroo Pok Chan Hmak Pok pong is an extremely powerful magical aid, with sacred powder from Chan Hmaak (chewed betel from the mouth of an Enlightened Monk), and the Maha Yant (Sacred Yantra spell) inside the Tagrud amulet. The Maha Yant is a 'great yantra' of the highest kind in existence. The Yant inside this (Yant Fon Sanaehaa) was given by the Boranajarn (Ancient Masters in olden times) to Kings and Royal Family. It has Puttakun power in all forms; When going into battle, or bringing Maras, enemies or evil people to Justice, the power fo the Tagrud will protect you and even if they have dangerous weapons the blows will be as if turned into soft rain (Fon means rain, Sanaehaa means charm - the Tagrud charms the arrows of the Maras into becoming rain drops).Klaew Klaad magic to avoid accidents and inauspicious events is also included in the spell of Fon Sanaehaa.

This Tagrud is also able to be used for Metta Mahaniyom and Maha sanaeh Purposes, because it is precisely the Metta Magic in it which also turns the assault of your enemies into harmless raindrops, just as the Buddha overcame the fiery arrows of Mara using Metta baramee (the power of Metta).

In this way it is similar in function to Pralaks Hnaa Tong, which increases the compassion of others towards you. This amulet is extremely helpful with charming other people, and is in addition good for salesmanship and good business. It has attraction charm for the opposite sex too. Friends and admirers will throng to be near you and fall around you like raindrops.

As a Love Charm it is also a useful tool.

It evokes the seven tiered diamond armour of the assembly of the Buddhas and Arahants, Deities and Bodhisattvas to form a wall around the wearer and protect from all dangers. If you have this tagrud with you, you should have no fear of dangers or enemies.

As far as sales are concerned, this amulet will increase the believability of your words and make the sweet to the ear, increasing your business sales and customers.

It also has Amnaj (Commanding Authority) powers and is invked with the presence and protection of Ratchasri (a Deity from the Thai ramakian which is the King of the Himapant Forest animals). Amnaj Magic is needed for people in Adminsitrative positions, such as Generals, Police officers, and Civil Servants of various kinds, as well as people in Management positions in the Corporate world. Anyone who has to control underlings or employees, will find the Amnaj Magic of this amulet incredibly useful.

Luang Phu Phads amulets are not only powerful, but can be considered 'Puttasin' (Buddhist works of Art) for the artisans encharged with the creation of his amulets are fine artists. His Loi Ongk statuettes (Such as the Moo Pha Wild Boar amulet) have such a heavy duty feel to them and are very finely honed pieces of craftsmanship, also aesthetically beautiful to the eye. They are built to last and made from the finest quality.

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