Sacred Ruesi statuettes - and blessing ceremony Wat Bang Bon

Various Ruesi Deity statuettes with great blessing and chanting ceremony including the presence of eminent Ruesi and Buddhist Monks of Gaeji Ajarn status. Ceremony performed at Wat Bang Bon - You can see pictures of the Ceremony at the bottom of this post.

The Ruesi were the great Guru teachers of ancient India. They heard the psalms of the Deities in the Heavenly realms and wrote them down. These ancient 'Kampir' (Magickal grimoires) were what became the vedas of Brahman religion, and are incorporated into Thai Theravada Buddhist Culture inseparably. The Lord Buddha's first two teachers to bring him to the level of Arupajhana were Ruesi hermit sages, and were only one step away from Enlightenment, which is the step further which Lord Buddha acheived (and for which reason Lord Buddha is higher than the Ruesi ) the Buddha stepped over the impossible abbyss that separates the dualistic thought process and left to the far shore (Nibbana).

Por Phu Ruesi Himawat (Below pic)

Por Phu Ruesi Himawat is otherwise known as Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger face Ruesi) and sometimes called Jao Saming Pra, wich is a fallacy because that refers to a particular being who is connected with Luang Phu Ka Long, and was a fellow practitioner of LP Ka Long in a previous life. The true name for tiger faced Ruesi is Ruesi Himawat. Ruesi Himawat is a deity from the Heavenly Realms who is a Ruesi. He is the Father of Pra Uma (Kali, wife of Shiva) and plays an important role in the doing away with of demons and unwholesome entities.

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He is perfect for Kong Grapan protection and Klaew Klaad evasion magic, as well as (when revered properly) a source of Luck Success, and Wealth. This Ruesi is featured in my upcoming ebook '108 Ruesi legends'. Ruesi Himawat or Hnaa Suea is also sometimes called Ruesi Galasit - it is most probable that there were various Deities who were Ruesi and had animal heads, so the different names may refer to different Deities or the same one. The truth is that we don't really know anymore.

Kata for Bucha to the Ruesi (This is correct for all Ruesi);
  • Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume
  • Tudtiyambpi - Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume
  • Dtadtiyambpi - Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Kata for Ruesi Hnaa Suea
The Kata (mantra) for Rursi Taw Himawat / Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger head ruesi) is as follows;
  • Oem Rue Reur (Leu Leur if you like), Mahaa Rue Raa Payakkae Payakkoe
  • Ittirittae Ittirittoe Sirae Sirae Kuroe Kuroe Yaadoe Bpen Man Naa Ham
  • Guu Diar Bang Giar Doer Doer
In Thai;
  • โอม ฤ ฤา มหา ฤ ฤา พยัคเฆ พยัคโฆ อิทธิฤทธิเธ อิทธิฤทธิโธ สิเร สิเร
  • คุโร คุโร ยาโดร์ บัน นัมร์ นา ฮัม กู เดียร์ บัง เกียร์ โดร์ โดร์
The Ruesi help us in solving problems in life, and protect us wherever we go. Making Bucha to the Ruesi is what we call 'Khong Mee Kroo' in Thai (things with a master presiding over) - this means that you are connecting with deity from another realm who is helping and guiding you in life. The correct Bucha (Poojah) procedure is essential in order to successfully recieve the benefits of a Ruesi amulet, for which reason i must give the Kata for chanting as well as a short explanation of each Ruesi Deity.

If you wish to know as much about the Ruesi as there is to know in the English language, then watch out for the upcoming issue of '108 Ruesi legends' which i shall release in 2011 as an ebook to download (price will be about 40US$ for about 300 pages of ebook with color and b/w pics).
Below - Pra Ruesi Narot

Phu Ruesi Narot
Narot, was originally named Naradha in India, but his name was adapted into Thai language and became 'Narot'. Naradha was the inventor of the Pin (Vina) musical instrument and is therefor connected to both people in musical and performing arts as well as engineers and people who do artisanry, as well as inventors. He is also in the Ramakian (Ramayana Vedic Epic) and is portrayed as one of if not the most powerful of all the Ruesi in that time. Even Hanuman could not beat him and had to ask his forgiveness and even beg for help once. Ruesi Narot is the Major Kroo in Thai Ruesi-ism and is revered by almost all Thai people.
These Ruesi amulets have been made and blessed in a special Puttapisek/Tewapisek ceremony with both Monks and Ruesi present to preside over and perform the ceremony.

The Ruesi are considered the agents of the various arts crafts and sciences and that they brought the knowledge of these arts and sciences down and gave it to the Human Race, in order to help them develop towards seeing the Dhamma, and improve their lives, lessening suffering. It is also believed that the 108 Ruesi were created by Pra Paruehasabodee in order to make them the Kroo Ajarn teachers to preserve all the various possible Sciences and Arts, Wicha which could be found in the three times and spaces, and to bestow these great Wicha upon the Humans. The origins of the Wan Kroo (Master day/Guru worship day) comes from the legend that Pra Isworn Maha Tep (Shiva)  cast a spell upon 19 of the Ruesi and turned them into ash, which he then bound in a crystal colored cloth and sprayed it with Amrita; From this spell was born Tewarach (Deva Raja), with a crystalline diamond body, riding a golden deer as his mount.

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His task was to protect and maintian the integrity of Pra Sumen (Mount Meru, the holy mountain which is the whole universe on all dimensions spaces and times). He is the Ajarn of all Magical and Scientific Wicha, and also is an Ajarn to the Devas and Angels, faeries..  Paruehasabodee means 'Thursday' (Pra Paruehasabodee is the Deity of Thursday) - for this reason, Thursdays are the day to have 'Wan Kroo' (Bucha day) to the Ruesi, wich is the traditional official day for making a Master day Wai Kroo to the Ruesi on.
These amulets featured here were made to help us Humans on Earth, and intended to distribute at an affordable price, despite their immensely sacred and magical empowerment ceremony and the auspiciousness of the occasion, and presence of great masters at the ceremony.

Above - Pra Ruesi Dta Wua - Cow eyed/faced Ruesi

Sorry about the blurring in the above pic of rear side of Ruesi Dta Wua - in fact it took me many attempts to make a clear foto image of these 'loi ongk' statuettes, as you can see what happened in the below pics...

The Empowerment Ceremony - Blessings and Chanting;

The empowerment ceremony was performed on the 27th 28th and 29th of October 2551BE - it was a very large ceremony ant Wat Bang Bon temple, Bang Khun Tian, Bangkok. Apart from some of the countrys top Ruesi, there were also 9 Masters Monks presiding over the ceremony who were there also blessing and empowering the eyes of the Buddha statue that had been made (Luang Por Gesorn) which is now the symbol of Wat Bang Bon.
These statuettes were also lucky to have had Luang Phu Tim of Wat Pra Khao (Internationally famous Gaeji Ajarn from Ayuttaya - now deceased), travelling frm Ayuttaya to join the ceremony and add his empowerment to these Ruesi amulets. Luang Por Ruay is also another Gaeji Ajarn (Wat Khao Tako), Luang Por Poon Sap (famous for his 'rat falling in a rice container' amulet [Hnu Dtok Thang Khaw Sarn]) came from Wat Ang Sila to join the blessing. Many other Gaeji Ajarn came from around the country.Those who are already Looksit of the Ruesi Sages and make Boocha won't need to ask much when they see these statuettes and the fotos of the blessing ceremony./ These amulets don't need much said about them, as the saying goes; "A Picture says more than a Thousand Words".

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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