Many new sacred amulets added today - view gallery

All new amulets added today can be viewed in this slideshow
You will see some beautiful new amulets from Master Amulet maker Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai), who has released an edition of Mayurap Yaksa Deity amulets with hanuman on the rear side. The amulets come in four colors and two types; Pim Tammada - Normal press in either magenta, white or green color, and 'Ongk Gamagarn' - comittee member edition, normally only made for those who sponsor the making of the amulets by paying and/or making donations before they are even created. Thailand-Amulets.Net and Buddhist Amulets Blog are affilliated with the direct agents and sponsors who distribute Ajarn Somrachs amulets, and thus have access to the most beautiful art and magical pedigree of the elusive Ajarn Somrach of Chiang Mai.

There are some older amulets such as the Pra Gru Tham Suea, Khun Phaen Perd Maan.
There are many new Tagrud amulets, as well as Ruesi narot Bucha statue, See Pherng Love Metta and Riches charm oil, a nice one for Ladies; Pra Somdej Luang Por Pae Wat Pigul Tong - Pim Lek small edition with pure gold leaf embossed and tagrud scroll inserted into the base. - Pralaks Hnaa Tong mask and Tiger faced Ruesi amulets, and tagrud Pralaks Hnaa Tong, by Luang Phu Ka Long

Tagrud Pralaks Hnaa Tong by Luang Por Phad
Tagrud Fon saen Ha by Luang Por Phad
Pha Yant by Luang Phu Ka Long
Ruesi amulets
and some more...

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post (if any are there), contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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