Mayurap Sagod Tap - Hanuman Om Mueang - Ajarn Somrach

Mayurap Sagod Tap Nuea Pong Wan Boroma Kroo 
(Sacred Master Guru Ruesi powder) - by Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)

This collection of Ramakian Deity amulets for Wealth and extreme protection, from Ajarn Somrach of Chiang Mai, has been made in four different colors and sacred powder mixtures. The Crowning Glory of the set is the brown colored 'Nuea Pong Aaathan Gao - Chud Gamagarn' edition, which is a limited presponsor edition with gold tagrud inserts in the rear face and extra special magical ingredients in the sacred powder.

Mayurap Sagod Tap - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


As far as i am concerned though, if we want to merely talk about aesthetic beauty, i find the purple and green editions extremely attractive, especially the purple one in my opinion.

All Mayurap amulets by Ajarn Somrach, come with free stainless steel case and International registered airmail shipping included in the price.

This  color is also available with five tagrud inserts in the back

Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Mayurap Sagod Tap Nuea Pong Wan Khiaw 
(Green Sacred Powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


Mayurach Sagod Tap, and Hanuman Om Mueang - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)
Ramakian Orientated magical amulet for power, wealth, protection and successful endeavors. The Great amulet master creator Ajarn Somrach has released a series of amazingly detailed amulets which are both magically and artistically outstanding. These rather large amulets are available in three different colors, made from different kinds of Wan Sacred herbs and pollens, powders.
Available with five Tagruds too

Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Mayurap Sagod Tap Ongk Gamagarn Nuea Muan Sarn Aaathan
(Magical spellbreaking powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


The brown one is the 'Ongk Gamagarn' - which is limited edition and is normally only available to the pre-issue sponsors. I have managed to have some reserved. It has 5 Tagrud scrolls in the back face (price on this amulet has been rectified as it was false before)

Rental Price for this 'Ongk Gamagarn' Special edition; 120$US

Ongk Gamagarn is doubly expensive due to the five gold tagruds inserted and the first block pressing being made with hits edition, as well as having more special sacred ingredients, and less of them made.

All colors are available in five tagrud on the rear face, but only the brown one is of the 'Gamargarn' set.
Mayurap Sagod Tap (White Sacred Powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)

Payment options coming soon - use contact button at bottom of post if you need to obtain this amulet sooner

Or also available with 5 Tagruds

 Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Kata Bucha Pra Pong Mayarap Sagod Tap

Ma A U Maedtaa Ja Mahaa Raachaa Sappa Sinaehaa Bpudt-dtaa Bpudt-Dtii Sappa

Gotaa Winaassandti - Na Rangap Glab Jidt Mo Bpid Jai Mi Hai Waa Taa Put

Laluay Ta Rangap Glab Klaay Jidt Ya Rangap Glab Dtid Jai Nai Rak

Special Kata for protection
This Kata must be used when you come face to face with your enemies or danger of being attacked, and such matters of self defence;

Na Ma Pa Ta Sotaaya Anta Gaaro Na Mo Nantaa Na Bang Mo Mi Hen Put Sonwai Taa

Lap Yuu Ya Haay Bpai Na Rangap Glab Jidt Mo Bpid Jai Mi Put Mi Hai Waa Taa

Laluay Ya Rangap Glab Klaay Jidt - Na Laluay Mo Laluay Put Bpid Dtaa Taa Bpid

Huu Ya Ning Yuu na Jang Ngang Mo Jang Ngang Suunyagaaro Hodti Sampawo

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