Tagrud Niaree Sariga Nang Yaem - Luang Por Khern Wat Klong Buri

Tagrud Niaree Sariga Nang Yaem, by Luang Por Khern Wat Klong Buri Wattana Nakorn, Sra Kaew.

Kata Tagrud Niaree Sariga Nang Yaem
Na Oenkaya Saran Samniaree Sunayaaka Jeuya Jidtana Gaama Ja Sam Sam Su Ha Ka Wa Ya Eng Ma Ma Ja Dti Ga Juu See Sii Ongkajeuya Gaama Ya Sa Waa Ha Dti Sam Dti

Price; 70$US
 Contact me for details of this amulet - Paypal Preferred.
Men should chant the Kata 7 times and women should chant it 5 times.

Every Monday, both male and female wearers of this Tagrud, must chant the Kata an extra three times before going to sleep (separately from the other times).
For Love spells, you must think of the person you love or desire, or wish to meet, and the things you wish or want to happen. Do this whilst chanting the Kata.

If you chant the Kata often in Bucha, you will genereate an increase of Maha Sanaeh charm attractive power out of the amulet, which will make the amulet ever more powerful in the effects it brings you.

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