Ruesi Saming Prai amulet in waterproof casing - LP Ka Long

Por Phu Ruesi Saming Prai (Ruesi Hnaa Suea) amulet, by Famous Master Monk - Luang Phu Ka Long, of Wat Khao Laem.

The amulet comes with free waterproof encasing, the Postage per International registered air mail is also included in the price.

The Tiger faced Ruesi in this image is the Ruesi who appeared to Luang Phu Ka Long as he meditated in the forest, and showed him some hidden Glod Buddha statues which he said that Himself and Phu Ka Long had buried together hundreds of years ago as they were both practicing Monks and also Ruesi Magicians.

Rishi Dayananda in the Eyes of the West

Luang Phu Ka Long has held an ongoing relationship with this presence, and has made many amulets in conjunction with the help and collaboration of this Deity, who is Karmicly intertwined with Luang Phu Ka Long since previous lifetimes.

The rear face of the amulet has spells in it, written in sacred Agkhara Khom Lettering including the turning and evocation of the four elements, and the Sacred Na of the Heart of the Tiger, amongst other things

The Kata (mantra) for Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger head ruesi) is as follows;
Alternatively, or in addition;
  • Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume
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To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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