Golden Pra Laks Mask - Blessed by Luang Phu Ka Long Wat Khao Hlaem

Siarn Pra Laks Hnaa Tong - by Luang Phu Ka Long, Wat Khao Hlaem, Sra Gaew.

This Golden face Pra Laks (Lakshman) Khone Mask was made and blessed by Luang Phu Ka Long in 2551. It is covered in real Gold Micron plating. Pra Laks Hnaa Tong is a Wicha of Thai Saiyasart which Thai Performance artists and Public Figures have revered and made use of since Time

Height; 6.7 Inches
Luang Phu Ka Long revieved this Wicha from Kroo Pheung, who was an Ajarn in the Times of King Rama 6. Luang Phu was still a young monk and had not been ordained for long, nu Kroo Pheung was already old, and saw that Luang Phu practiced well. So Kroo Pheung shared the secrets of the Wicha Pra Laks Hnaa Tong to Luang Phu Ka Long. Luang Phu never really wanted to have this Wicha, but after Kroo Pheung had insisted many times, Luang Phu accepted the Wicha.

Wicha Pra Laks Hnaa Tong is a Wicha that is extremely effective for Luck and Fortune, Popularity and Charm. Amazing improvements in business sales and increased custom is part of the amazing power of Golden Faced Pra Laks. The Wicha is applied in various version, either using gold leaf on the face of the devotee, or using the Siarn Pra Laks Hnaa Tong, to bestow the magical Charm of Pra Laks onto the person praying. There are many other variations, such as using Yant Pra Laks Hnaa Tong on face powder and patting it on at make up time (useful for performing artists) But Luang Phu Ka Longs version is one of the most complex and difficult, as well as the fact that Luang Phu had very strong Psychic powers, making the Wicha of Pra Laks Hnaa Tong from Luang Phu Ka Long one of the strongest ever of all the holders of this Wicha.

Kata Pra Laks Hnaa Tong

Om Pra Pakdtr Pra Laks Hnaa Tong
Suwann Phud Phong Hnaa Tong Pra Pakdtr
Chaay Haen Chaay Rak Saaw Haen Saaw Rak
Phuu Hyai Haen Gor Rak Paa Gan Somanas
Krai Haen Krai Gor Rak Ruu Jag Guu Tua Hnaa Mai Waa Krai
Na Jab Jidt Mo Jab Jai Put Yoeng Yai
Taa Hlong Hlai Ya Rorng Hai Ma Haa Guu
Bpa Sa Sam Bpadti Thaani
Om Pra Laeng Bpen Saeng Pra Laks
Pra Rasii Jab Bpaag Gaa Pra Laks Jab Hnaa
Jab Dtaa Swaa Ha
Na Haen Hnaa Guu Yuu Mai Dai
Mo Rorng Hai Kruan Kraang
Put Gord Wai Mi Krai Ja Waang
Taa Kruan Kraang Sa-Eun Hai
Ya Hlong Hlai Nai Jidt
Hying Dai Chaay Dai Peng Pis Haen Hnaa Guu
Gor Yorm Yuu Mi Da Rorng Hai Ma Haa Guu
Om Sitti Gae Guu Swaaha Aehi Chayya
Aehi Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa Aehi

Chant this Kata three times, whilst taking either the Pra Laks head, or a Pra Laks Tagrud, and circle it around your face whilst chanting, rubbing it on your face.

It is Maha Sanaeh, Maha Metta, Maha Niyom, Sangaa Raasii (wonderful horoscope), Serm Duang Serm Wasana (improve your luck and fortune). Wish fulfiller magic. Perform the Kata and wipe the Pra Laks face on your forehead, and both cheeks before going out to meet with Business Colleagues. It will increase your Amnaj and Baramee, instilling respect and reverence from your Peers,
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This item is not life size, it is Miniature and

The base of the stand has sacred powder in it, as does the head of Pra Laks himself in the upper part of the head. Powder from inside the head will scrape off on the top of the stand inside the mask, which you can use to rub on your forehead whilst chanting for increased Metta Mahaniyom.

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