Pra Upakut - LP Tuad

Pra Upakut, Luang Por Tuad - Wat Tam Suea
Pra Upakut Buddha from Wat tam Suea in Krabi, South thailand (Luang Por Jamnian).
Wat Tam Suea is also known as the Monkey Temple. Luang Por is now famous all over the world especially in the USA for he has opened many branches and travels widely to teach the Dhamma in the Western world. In the moment the temple has been building a massive Chedi (stupa) containing thousands of amulets as its construction base. The amulets are of 9 Geji Ajarn master monks. When you visit the temple and make merit, you rent 9 amulets but do not get to keep them. instead you press them yourself with the amulet press, pray to the Buddha relics in the shrine and the amulets you rented are donated to form part of the chedi itself! your name is written and placed with the amulets in the chedi.

The back side of the amulet has the great master monk Luang Phu Tuad emblazoned on it. The powdery substance on the amulet is taken from the mold used for the Buddha statue and temple bell. When the monkd of a Buddha stagtue is brokent the powder from it is used to spray onto the amulets for special blessings. The edge of the amulet on the side of Pra Upakut has the twelve animals of chinese horoscope.

The depiction of Luang Por Tuad is that of the scene when he placed his feet in the sea water and saved the lives of the chinese pirates who had kidnapped him by changing it into drinking water as they were almost going to die of thirst.

This amulet is sold out now at the temple and a collectors item. Comes with original box from Wat Tham Suea, no case provided with this amulet.
Pra Upakut LP Tuad Wat Tham Suea LP Jamnian

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