Ngang Ta Daeng Dtua Kroo LP Rit

Ngang Dta Daeng (red eyed Ngang) from Hlwong Phu Rit, made in 2542 (11 years ago)
(and also a bit of blogging about how to choose an amulet)

This Pra Ngang by Hlwong Phu Rit is quite rare now. It is a 'Dtua Kroo' (Kroo Deity)
Mae Ngang Dta Daeng Dtua Kroo LP Rit

I find it is a great shame to see that many non Thai speaking nations who are Buddhist and wish to collect Thai magic amulets do not get the chance to really be able to delve into the info about amulets (in Thai we have much more info available in print), and thus, the collector is limited to get what the dealers and promoters stuff in their faces. There are many good modern amulets and for the faithful devotee, it doesnt really matter if it is an ancient amulet or a new one. "man Yoo tee Jai" (it is all in your heart) is what we say in Thai. Man Yoo Tee Jai means, that if you have faith in a certain amulet, and feel some connection, then that is what is important, NOT whether the amulet is old or expensive. There have been cases of devotees having their lives saved in miracles who found out later that their amulet was fake! This shows that the power of faith can move mountains, regardless of whether an amulet is real or not.
Any image of the Buddha is sacred, whether it be blessed or not, remember this when you revere your amulets, and learn to like what your heart says, not what the market tells you is good for you. Don't think about price if it is cheap or expensive, in amulet world, this is irrelevant totally. Think about whether you really feel good with the amulet, and if it speaks to your heart. This is the real way to choose your amulet.

This is what we call in Thai "Dtam Grasae Talaad" (following the flow of the market makers"), where a a true experienced collector does not follow these 'Grasae' (currents/vibrations). A collector in the know follows "Grasae Pra" (the current/vibration/streamflow) of the expert collectors and dealers.

Luang Phu Rit 

Pra Kroo Intawarakun, or, 'Luang Phu Rit Radtanachoto - Abbot of Wat Chonlapratan in Buriram. LP Rit is a Master Gaeji Ajarn of the Isan country, who has many faithful devotees in both Thailand as well as International territories.

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the reason i got this amulet, was that i saw a very strange creature in the forest as i was driving along the country road at night, and stopped to look. The creature had  small orange-red eyes, and when i looked closer the eyes started expanding, and became as big as tennis balls. they glowed with inner light like flashlights, and the head and shoulders of the creature just 'faded in' (instead of fading out), and became visible out of the transparency (like the predator movie). It was as if it just popped into visibility in exactly the same way as the Cheshire cat did in 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Then the creature peeled its invisibility cloak back on and the eyes extinguished and got smaller.

It had a long pointy head as in the picture and was black as coal, it had a wide mouth that might seem to be smiling and was about the size of a 5 year old child. I realized only later that it fitted the likeness of the Ngang amulet EXACTLY with no difference at all.

I will wonder about this creature all my life if i don't get to meet it. i remember where it was and plan to go make a Bucha ceremony and offerings to it, and see if i can contact it again. It was a very strange but nice experience. I was not afraid and felt that this creature was benevolent and not harmful at all.

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I shall be writing a detailed article about the Ngang, and also about Hlwong Phu Rit in the Buddha Magic E-mag which is about to be released in mid september 2010. The E-Mag will have articles on sacred amulets, how to recognize real amulets from fakes, amulet makiing methods, Monk Biographies, Buddhist and animist stories and legends, and many other lesser known infos about Thai Buddhism, amulets, Monks and ceremonies, as well as explanations of how to make Buddha magic.
You can keep tabs on the progress of the e-mag by visiting the sak yant e-publications page.

To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com, Or Phone 98323062 (Singapore) or +66886799251(Thailand). I send EMS or airmail. For smaller amulets the postage is free for regular airmail (registered). For statues and heavier amulets there is a postage charge depending on weight.

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