Pra Kring Bua Rorb - 'Run Burana Sala' Wat Kae and Wat Noi Chompoo - Nuea Tong Tip

Pra Gring Bua Rorb - 'Run Burana sala Wat Kae'

2.2 Centimeters wide x 3.2 Centimeters high , this Sacred Pra Kring Thai Amulet is one of the important Classic types of amulet which Thai temples m,ake. Traditionally, they are only made on certain occasions and are always both limited editions, as well as fast to be rented out and disappear. Thai people like to keep these amulets at home, for they are considered extremely sacred. Sometimes Thai Monks will even travel to China to make a joining of hands with Chinese Monks and make a Puttapisek Emowerment of Pra Kring.

This is part of a recognition of the fact that the Thai Pra Kring amulet's style of sculpture (i use the word sculpture, because it is indeed a statuette, or as we call in Thai a 'Loi Ongk'). Its style and artistic influence, is namely that of Chinese Mahayana which is evident in the shape, posture and proportions, as well as the decorative style.

Despite the very Chinese look to this amulet, its sacredness and popularity is due to the Thai Amulet Phenomenon, which is as Gigantic and Deep as the Universe itself almost,and the fact that Thai People have raised this kind of Buddha Image from being restricted to a Bucha Statue at home or in a local temple, to being a portable Bucha statuette which the devotee is able to keep close by at all times as 'Puttanussadti' :)
Pra Kring Bua Rorb - 'Run Burana Sala' Wat Kae and Wat Noi Chompoo - Nuea Tong Tip
Ajarn Nam blessed and empowered the Pra Gring Bua Rorp (run Burana Sala edition) amulets. Luang Phu Nam (89 years old), famous Master Monk of Supannburi province, is the Abbot of Wat Noi Chompoo, in 'Ban Grang' (the home of the original Famous Pra Khun Phaen Ban Grang amulet).

The amulets were made to raise funds for improving the Sala Bprian at the temple of Wat Kae to make it a two storey building, for it is no longer large enough. They were made in three versions - Nuea Tong Tip (Divine Brass - 2999 amulets made), Nuea Navaloha (nine sacred metals - 1999 amulets made), and 'Pra Kring Bua Rorb Gamagarn' (special numbered limited limited edition - 499 amulets made), which is in Navaloha with a solid silver base inserted.

Pra Kring Bua Rorb has the name of the temple stamped on the back of each amulet, and the Gamagarn edition with silver base has a numbered code stamped into the base.

Below is the Nava Loha Edition of Pra kring Bua Rorb Wat Kae + Wat Noi Chompoo

The special, and more expensive editions should not only interest people because of their increased rarity, exclusivity and special blessings and ingreadients, but should also be seen as a chance for those who wish to make more  merit with funding the Buddhist Religion to grow and prosper by donatinig more (renting a more expensive range of amulet). He who thinks of joy in the merit of giving , will reap more riches and Maha Lap from the Deities, much, much more, than the one who thinks of the profit or things for one self one has gained, by obtaining a rare and sacred amulet. Those who have attained success by helping the Buddha Sasana to prosper already know which is the right way to receive the blessings of 'Maha Sethee' (great wealthy millionaire and riches flow without end - lucky in everything). Remember that amulets are not only somehting nice for us , which help us too in life, but that when we feed the amulet trade or buy from a layperson or a temple directly, then we ar directly or indirectly sending money back into the temples.

If we realize we are helping the Buddha Sasana when we rent amulets, then we will experience the joy of both shopping, as well as knowing we are making merit, be it rental from a temple or a layperson. The lay person must go back to the temples and make merit and donations and take more amulets, and so it continues. - I myself am overjoyed to also rent from lay persons and showrooms because i then am making double merit by helping a real family to survive by being a customer, and the few dollars i may pay extra sometimes is not important because then to help others as well as the temple, is a double blessing as far as i am concerned.

left above pic; Luang Phu Nam meditating to enter Jhana for empowering the amulets. two pics right; Lighting the Tian Vipassee and the Tian Novahorakun (ritual candles), for the Puttapisek Ceremony.

Above; Continuing the lineage of Pra Kring amulet metal - old editions of various Pra Kring amulets are smelted together and joined with the new mixture, in continuous lineage. You can see the 'Sai Sinjana' cords in the hands of the monks as they pray and chant to transmit the continuation of lineage of magic power instilled within the Pra Kring amulets.

Above; The Sala Bprian which is in process of refurbishing and extension. Funds from the amulets will finance thie completion of the construction.

Below; The Ceremony to smelt and mold the Pra Kring amulets was held at the Don Chedi monument.

Below left; Pra Taep Suwanna Molee (head monk of Supannburi province) heads the opening ceremony of pouring the gold into the Pra Kring The pouring of the first smelting is a grand ceremony and important part of the magical formula of Pra Kring amulets.

LP Nam learned many Wicha with Luang Phu Hmuean, who was in turn of the lineage of LP Niam (Wat Noi), as well as receiving more Wicha from an Abhinya powered monk, Luang Phu Bun (Wat Klang Bang Gaew).

Some ingredients for the Sacred mixture can be seen in above and below pics
Metal from old Pra Kring Khun Phaen amulets, Pra Kring U-Tong, Pra Kring Naresuan Yuthahadthee, and 108 Yantra inscribed on metal leaves amulets, and metals from many 'Gaan Chor Pra Kring' (treelike frame which the amulets are molded on) from various editions of Pra Kring. 
These metals were then smelted together in the sacred smelting ceremony to make new sacred Pra Kring. 
This is part of how original authentic Pra Kring amulets continue their lineage (bloodline) by using remnants of previous Pra Kring to smelt into the new amulets. 

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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