Pra Kring Thai Sacred amulet - Run Sao Ha - sacred statuette for riches and improved Horoscope

Luang Phu Nong created these Pra Kring amulets according to the formula given to him by this teacher the great Master Luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po). All stages of the making of these Pra Kring were performed according to ancient traditonal ceremony, and Luang Phu spend two whole months charging them with his empowerments and invocations. The amulets then underwent a final mass blessing ceremony (Maha Puttapisek) on Saturday Fifth of March (Sao Ha) 2553 BE.

LP Nong used old metal residue and pieces of amulets and the amulet mold presses from old editions of Luang Por Derm amulets.

Luang Phu Nong reveals now that he had kept all these sacred metals and substances for many years with precisely the idea of making these Pra Kring amulets, and the metals were not used for any other amulets, rather were saved for his special Pra Kring edition, which have finaly become reality.
Pra Kring Nuea Radtana Loha - Run Sao Ha Maha Sethee - Luang Phu Nong Wat Wang Sri Tong

Below; Pra Kring Run Sao Ha Nuea Lohga Sanim Khiaw

3.9 CM high, 2.2 Cm wide. This edition was made in various metals; Loha Radtana Loha (gem metal - 1999 amulets made), Loha Sanim Khiaw (iron with malachite - 999 amulets made) Nava Loha (nine sacred metals 999 amulets made), and Nava Loha Te Din Thai (nine sacred metals with magical Thai earth sprinkled on it - 599 amulets made).

Pra Kring Nuea Nuea Sanim Khiaw - Run Sao Ha Maha Sethee - Luang Phu Nong Wat Wang Sri Tong

Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto is the true nephew of luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po) and recieved direct Wicha magical training from his Uncle. Luang Por Nongs amulets are both powerfully made according to the Wicha of Luang Por Derm, as well as having been designed and created by some of Thailands finest Buddhist and Brahman artistic craftsmen. A perfect combination of powerful sacred Buddha Magic and Beautiful aesthetic Religious Art.

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