Pra Ruesi Narot amulet Gamagarn three Tagrud - Luang Por Goy Wat Khao Din Dtai

Pra Ruesi Narot Dern Dong - Nuea Pong Aathan - Gamagarn three Tagrud inserts -  from Luang Por Goy of Wat Khao Din Dtai, Buriram.

This beautiful Ruesi amulet is quite large (about 5cm+ in height). This is the top range 'Gamagarn' issue of a two amulet edition of Ruesi dern Dong. It has Pra Ruesi Narot Dern Dong on the front face (Ruesi Narot walking in the forest). The rear face has various sacred Yant (including Yant Putsoorn for protection Metta and Riches), and 3 Tagrud scrolls inserted into it. LP Goy, made a Puttapisek/Tewaapisek ceremony and called all 108 Ruesi Deities to come and bless and empower the amulets.

Price; 65$ - Now Reduced! $55
If you Bucha the Ruesi properly, you will find success in all your projects and attain wealth, Health and Happiness. Luang Por Goy said that the year he made these amulets was Year of black magic and the Agressive Tiger, and that he must make some special magical amulets to protect and improve luck and fortune (Serm Duang) to counter the negative energies of the current astrological alignments. This example has a slight indentation (inward curve) in the surface of the acrylic waterproof casing, which is common with acrylic casing and flat amulets, because the changes in humidity when the casing cools from the heat metod used cause slight fluctuations in the curves of the surface. For this reason this amulet has a small reduction in price from 65$ to 55$

How to Pray to the Ruesi Narot
Offer Hmak Plu (betel nut and areca leaf), tobacco and grapefruit, Jasmine flowers and nine incense sticks (you can also use 16 if you like for the 16 Deva Realms, for Por Gae Narot is indeed a Deva.

Kata for Bucha Ruesi Narot
(Say 'Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambhuddhassa 3 times first)
Ugaasa Wantami Bhante Sappatang Abparaatang Kha Ma Dta Mae Bhante Mayaa Gadtang Bpunyang Saaminaa Anumotittappang Saaminaa Gadtang Mayhang Naadtappang Saatu Saatu Anumotaami
Wantaami Narata Burapaajaariyang Sappa Maetosang Khamadta Mae Bhante

It should be noted that to correctly Bucha Ruesi Deities, one should also have Korb Kroo  ceremony performed on you in order to recieve protection and lineage of the Ruesi Masters.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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