Taep Pragaes Deity Locket - lucky riches amulet - Por Tan Klai - Wat Prataat Noi Nakorn Sri Tammarat

Taep Pragaet amulet from Pra Kroo Pisit Athagarn, Wat Pratat Noi (otherwise known as Wat Por Tan Klai) - Nakorn Sri Tammarat.

"Whoever makes Bucha to the Taep Pragaet, will have many possessions and money, have a vehicle and treasures without deficit". (Pra Kroo Pisit Athagarn, Wat Pratat Noi).

The rear face has Sacred Powder mixture, Tagrud spells for lucky and riches, as well as a small Brahma amulet inserted to attract business and admirers. Each amulet also has a limited numbered code inserted as a small tagrud in the rear face.
Below pic; Por Tan Klai Wajasit - top ten Master Monk of all time.

Por Tan Klai was perhaps South Thailands second most revered monk after Luang Por Tuad

Taep Pragaet Deity locket - Pra Kroo Pisit Athagarn, Wat Pratat Noi - Nakorn Sri Tammarat

This is a special amulet and we can consider it a rarity to see this Deity depicted.
Below Pic; Wat Prataat Noi, in Nakorn Sri Tammarat - one of South Thailands most sacred temples.

Locket Roop Muean Por Tan Klai Wajasit - Wat Prataat Noi, Nakorn Sri Tammarat

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