Phra Khunpaen In Koo 3 tagrud Luang Phu Hongs - Half Price!

Phra Khunpaen In Koo Luang Phu Hongs 3 tagrud (copper silver and gold) and precious stone

This amulet has the Maha Saneh magical "In Koo" (อิ๊นคู่) on the back to increase your attractiveness and charm - The Khunpaen on the frontside has three tagruds (in silver gold and copper) and a semi precious stone for increased power. These amulets were made with one, two, and three tagruds in them and were rented at different prices, depending on how many stones and tagruds were inserted. This was to enable people who wished to make more merit by donating a larger amount to the temples to be able to also have a more collectible and rare memento with their protective charms and amulets they rented..

Backside of Khunpaen LP Hongs - Int Koo (lovers) with Na Me Dhi kata for metta
This amulet has now been reduced to half the original price down from 100$ to 50$ - Stock clearance is necessary to make room for the latest additions,hence this gievaway price for a triple tagrud Khun Phaen with semi precious stones from Gaeji Ajarn LP Hongs.
Pra Khun Phaen LP Hongs

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