Rian Sima 2 Gaeji Ajarn Pak Tai - Luang Por Tuad, Por Tan Klai - Nuea Albaca

'Run Chae Yid 99 Rom Yen Pen Sukh' edition amulet featuring Luang Phu Tuad and Por Tan Klai. Limited edition of 999 amulets made.

This edition comes in two different materials, Nuea Tong Pasom (gold and brass alloys), and Nuea Albaca. This one is Nuea Albaca
Comes without case - printed guarantee authenticity is provided by Thailand Amulets.
Custom hand made silver casing is available, but takes one week extra time and costs 50$U.S. extra - use contact button below this post if you wish to inquire about this service. Cases are waterproof and pure solid silver.

Luang POr Tuad
Maker; Luang Phu Gaew Tammaramo (99 years old) Material; Nuea Tong Pasom
Year of issue; 2553 Temple of issue; Wat Sapan Mai Gaen, Songkhla
Dimensions; 2.2 cm wide x 3 cm high

100 year old Gaeji Ajarn from Songkhla 'Luang Phu Gaew', is featured on the rear face of the amulet - LP Tuad is Thailands Greatest and most revered ever Gaeji Ajarn Master Monk of all time.

Thai people consider that just to have an image of this monk is enough to have magical protection, regardless of if it was blessed or not.

This edition enjoys certainly the sacred honor of having two such master monks on each face, as well as having received empowerment from a host of Master Monks of the older generation of South Thai Magical tradition.

Puttapisek Empowerment and Blessing ceremony with a large number of the remaining aged monks from the Southern Buddha magic tradition, ranging in age from age 83, to 113 year old monk (Luang Phu Bpra)!

Some of the Ancient Master Monks who joined in the Puttapisek ceremony;

Por Tan Khiaw (84), Wat Huay Ngo, Luang Phu Pum, Wat Bon Khao (108), Luang Phu Bpra, Wat Phu Khao Din (113), Luang Phu Gluean, Wat Pradoo Mai (108), Por Tan Nuan, Wat Sai Hra (89), Por Tan Bun Hai, Wat Ta Muang (83), Luang Por Chern, Wat Nai Praab (87), Luang Phu Ueam, Wat Bang Nian (105), Luang Phu Khai, Wat Lam Nawa (96), Luang Phu Gaew, Wat Sapan Mai Gaen (100), Luang Por Tong, wat Sampao Cheuy (94) and Por Tan Prohm, Wat Palanupap (93).

A read of this list above leaves those who know their Master monks flabberghasted at the number of important magic makers of a generation of Masters who are in the last phase of their generation, and represent a tradition that is now passing to a new generation.

Rian Sima 2 Gaeji Ajarn Pak Tai - Luang Por Tuad, Por Tan Klai - Nuea Albaca


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