Roop Muean Luang Phu Hongs (Loi Ongk statuette) 'Run Sethee Twee Kun' edition

Roop Muean Luang Phu Hongs (Loi Ongk statuette) 'Run Sethee Twee Kun' edition 2553 - Sussaan Tung Mon (Surin).This edition is made from Nuea Tong Boran (ancient brass). These Loi Ongk Statuettes were also made in Navaloha metal. Apart from the special sacred powder mix inserted into the base, there is also powder with 'Taep Pratan' (inhabiting Deity) which presides over the amulet and protects the wearer.

1.2cm wide at base, 2cm high - this statuette can of course also be used as a Bucha statue on your altar and is indeed often used in this way by Thai Buddhists when travelling - it is then used as a portable Bucha statue which can be placed on makeshift altar in hotel rooms etc whilst on travels.

Sacred powder is inserted into the base, and a ruling Deity inhabits it as Helper, Protector and Guardian.

The statuette has sacred 'Taat See' (four elements) magical powder, civara robe from LP Hongs and hair of Luang Phu Hongs stuffed into the hole in the base of the amulet. In addition the sacred powder has Bpatawee taat (magic earth powder) from seven towns, seven cities and Wan 108 pollen mixture, 'din bprong, and 'Pong Maha Bprarthanaa' (magic wish-fulfilling powder). "Pong Ruay Maha Sethee' is also added ('Millionaire riches powder'), 'Pong Na Hnaa Tong' (Golden faced Pralaks Hnaa Tong powder), 'Pong Tanasarn Sombat' (magic powder to attract much belongings and material possessions). All of these magical ingredients were bashed into sacred powder, made into sticks and stuffed int the base of the statuettes for a multi purpose magic spell and object of faith and reverence. Comes in original box from Temple, no stainless steel case included in this item.
Roop Muean Luang Phu Hongs (Loi Ongk statuette) 'Run Sethee Twee Kun' edition 2553 - Sussaan Tung Mon (Surin)

Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad, Metta Mahaniyom.

Above - LP Hongs Blessing amulets in a Puttapisek ceremony.
Maha Puttapisek empowerment ceremony for these amulets was held on 22nd October 2553 at 16:09 PM at Sussaan Tung Mon. Ampher Prasat, Surin.

Luang Phu Hongs is a Kammathana Tudong monk who spent 60 years in Cambodia and other countries seeking magical Wicha, and after 60 years returned to Thailand , and now at the age of 93 Years old, is resident Abbot of Sussaan Tung Mon Cemetery temple, in Surin, North-East Thailand.
Luang Phu Hongs is a 'Pra Nak Pattana' (Monk who is adept at developing the resources of an area, and has dug many wells and water holes, and bought many tens of thousands of Hectares of land to replant forest and recover the Natrual resources. He is strong in the practice of releasing animals from captivity, especially snakes, giant centipedes, and scorpions. What is miraculous, is that the animals which Luang Phu Hongs frees, all live together in harmony and do not harm each other. Normally these creatures are enemies and would bite each other.

First Luang Phu built the 'Prasat Paetch Pipitapant' as a place of Bhikkhus, Nuns, and Lay practitioners to practice there. It is a 3 story building, which has the 'Pra Puttaroop Nuea Hin Sila Amarint Gae Salak' (Buddha image carved in stone). 
It is where the Adtaborikharn and  and Wattumongkol (amulets and charms and sacred powders) from every edition Luang Phu Hongs has made throughout his life. 
It is 49 Inches wide, and also contains Buddhist Art pieces from the Province which are safely preserved within this most beautiful sacred encasement, and priceless Buddha Image. Outside this palace, Luang Phu built a lake as a moat surrounding it.

As of now, the progress has gone fast, and there remains only the outer decorative work to be done on the Prasat building, and to carve the decorative doors and windows.

Below; Pha Yant Phad Boke Saethee Twee Kun.This Yantra Cloth was also blessed in the same ceremony.

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