Pra Somdej Rasamee - Nuea Pong Bai Lan 2460 BE - Luang Phu Sukh Wat Makham Tao

Pra Somdej Rasamee Nuea Pong Bai Lan (black color). made around 2460 BE
Available in Pong Bai Lan (black color) and pong puttakun (white color). This example is in black pong bai lan.

Taken from the Gru Klong Khom in Chaynat. This amulet was blessed and empowered by the Great Master Luang Phu Sukh - this amulet is officially recognized in the collector and antique marketplaces.

The amulets were made in three different substances, ; Nuea POng Bai Lan, Nuea pong Puttakun, and Nuea awk chompoo gae sabu luead. This amulet has already seen a few attempts to make fake copies, which have all failed till now because they do not look anything like the original. Their cement is nowhere near as hard or dry as the real thing. The authentic amulets (in the case of the black nuea bai lan ones at least), have a smooth but grainy stony feel to them, are extremely hard and dried (due to many years aging), and have very strong 'kraab' marks (earth and stains from being buried in the Gru for decades or centuries), which are not able to be removed with a scratch of the fingernail (this is the case often with fakes, for the Kraap hasnt had enough time to dry - you can use this technique to test amulets you suspect to be not as old as they claim to be).
Pra Somdej Rasamee - Nuea Pong Bai Lan 2460 BE - Luang Phu Sukh Wat Makham Tao
This example is both beautiful and without defects. Can be entered into competition easily without shame. Both the front and the rear face show the 'Kraap' stains from the Gru clearly, and is easy to recognize as authentic

Luang Phu Sukh is one of the greatest Magic Monks of all Thai History, for which reason this is an amulet more to keep and Bucha than anything else, although it is also a good investment as the price will become ever more expensive. This is already an extremely rare and hard to find amulet. A most sacred and desirable addition to anyones collection indeed. Few amulets at this price can compare considering the sacredness, the maker and the beauty and age of this amazing amulet.

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This amulet was also blessed with Luang Por Parn (Wat Bang Nom Kho) as well as LP Sukh of Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao - These are two of Thailands greatest ever Guru Monks and Magic makers, whose amulets are of the hardest to find, the most replicated, and high p[riced on the collectors market. Thes Gru Klong Khom amulets are thus (because of their not yet elevated price) a wonderful option for devotees of Luang Por Parn or Luang Phu Sukh to obtain an authentic 100 year old amulet blessed by two of the great Legendary Master Monks of Thailand.

We have one more example of Pra Somdej Rasamee Nuea Pong Bai Lan in the store, which you can view below;

Pra Somdej Rasamee - Nuea Pong Bai Lan 2460 BE - Luang Phu Sukh Wat Makham Tao
It is pim kanaen size (small size) and is apt for men, women or even children to wear.The amulet has power of Kong Grapan, Metta, Serm Duang, Klae Klaad, Gae Aathan and is also Puttanussadti for the faithful followers of the Buddha. The Bai Lan version is more attractive for soldiers, policemen, bvodyguards and people iin dangerous proffessions. The white Pong Puttakun ones are stronger in Metta Mahaniyom and good for merchants and people in social, Public and artistic professions
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