Luang Phu Say Wat Don Gradtay Tong Monk Locket for Serm Duang, Riches, Happiness Health and Luck

Luang Phu Say Monk Locket for Serm Duang, Serm Baramee, Choke Laap, Klaew Klaad and Kong Grapan. Auspicious blessings and protection for all good things in life; Wealth, Health, Happiness Luck and Popularity
Luang Por Say Monk Locket - Wat Don Gradtay Tong
Luang Phu Says amulets have always been in great demand even before they were released. Since his passing away, his following has become even larger, and many stories of miracles and windfalls have circulated about Luang Phu Says amulets. For certain, there appears to be some strange emanation coming from this Monk, who indeed seems to have had some mysterious Miracle power. Made in 2552, the amulet has Luang Phus hair, some of his Civara robes, and a silver Tagrud as well as many sacred powders in the cement mixture on the rear face.
Locket Roop Muean Luang Phu Say - Wat Don Gradtay Tong