Luang Phu Ka Longs four faced eight armed Hanuman

Definitely the most popular of all Luang Phu Ka Longs Hanuman amulets, and one of the most popular of all amulets of all time by Luang Phu Ka Long. Total 'Ittirit' (supernormal power) is embedded into this extremely powerful and rather large amulet.  It is made from Nuea Nava Loha Chae Nam Montr (nine kinds of sacred metals smelted from other amulets and sacred places).

Magical Properties of Hanuman 8 arms 4 faces;
Metta, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Maha Sanaeh, Serm Duang..

Only 999 amulets made in this limited edition. It is now extremely difficult to find four faced eight armed Hanuman by LP Ka Long, for which we count ourselves lucky to be able to offer this item on Thailand-Amulets.Net
8 armed Hanuman Thai amulet LP Ka Long

5.5 Cm High, 2.3 Cm wide, and 1.4 Cm thick. There is a Look Namo stuffed into the base, and sacred magic spell inscribed which says 'Om Wanena U' - the limited edition code number 328 is engraved in the base.
4 faced Hanuman eight armed - LP Ka Long

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The amulets received three powerful and important Puttapisek empowerments, the first at Wat Sutat in Bangkok on the 9th of September 2552 BE, and two times more on the Piti Korb Siarn Por Phu Ruesi Jao Saming Prai (laying on of the Tiger faced Ruesi mask ceremony), at Wat Khao Laem on the 11th and 13th of September 2552 BE.
The amulets were given additional empowerments not only by Luang Phu Ka Long, but also by three other great Guru Monks;
  • Luang Phu Daeng (Wat Huay Chalong (Uttaradit) 
  • Luang Por Nuam (Wat Po Jaroen) 
  • Luang Por An (Wat Tamma Kosok).

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