Wai Kroo Ajarn Prasut amulets 2554 BE - Nang Kwak Manorah and Gumarn Tep - out now!

Finally Out - Ajarn Prasuts Nang Kwak Manorah amulets and Bucha Statues made in 2 ancient SouthThai styles; 'Nang Kwak Manorah' in the typical Southern Thai Performance Art Manorah costume with Kinaree Tail and 'Serd' Crown, and 'Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn' (Ancient Nakorn Sri Tammarat period art). The amulets are made in 'Jiw' size (miniature Loi Ongk statuettes) in various materials, as well as Bucha statues, with the top of the line being a hand painted Nang Kwak Manorah statue in tri-color (red white and blue for Thailand). The statues are filled with sacred Nang Kwak powders and a Takrut insert.

Nang Kwak Bucha Statues

Nang Kwak Boran Nakorn Sri Tammarat, and Kumarn Tong Taep (Deva Gumarn)

Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn

Kumarn Tong Taep

 Nang Kwak Bucha Statues
Puttapisek Tewapisek empowerment ceremony at Wat Nai Tao in traditional Manorah style

Nang Kwak Manorah - Nuea Tong Tip

Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn - Nuea Tong Tip

Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn - Nuea Nava Dtem Soot

Nang Kwak Manorah - NueaNgern Tae (Pure solid Silver)

Nang Kwak Boran Silapa Nakorn - Nuea Nava Dtem Soot

Kata and Bucha Method for Nang Kwak >>>

Kumarn Tong Taep Nuea Loha Aathan (magical metals)

Kumarn Tong Taep Nuea Nava Loha Dtem Soot

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