Tagrud Duang Sethee Serm Sap Serm Baramee - Luang Por Daeng - Wat Huay Chalong

To empower this Tagrud for Riches, Luang Por Daeng performed the Wicha Bucha Pra Intr (Indra Poojah), Bucha Pra Prohm, and Bucha to the Devas that bestow blessings or curses on the Human Race.

He empowered the amulets with their protection and assistance, and then added the empowerment of the Duang Sethee Mee Sap using the appropriate Kata, adding Kata Por Ka Maha Laluay (enchanting merchant spell), Kata Bpanya Pramahote, Kata Choo Chok Gan Gae Graya Jok Khern Jai.

The power of these Kata will bring profits wherever the devotee goes, and shut out any inauspicious events from happening, protecting you too. Success should come easily in any projects.

Tagrud Duang Sethee Serm Sap Serm Baramee - Luang Por Daeng - Wat Huay Chalong

How to Bucha Tagrud Duang Sethee
Chant Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times first to the Triple Gem

Then Chant

Suriyan Ja Bpanjatha Sasi Pummo Ja Taewaanang
Wuto Laapang Pawissadti Cheewosugaro Ja Mahaa Laapang
Soeroe Raahugaedtu Ja Mahaa Laapang Sappa Payang Winaasandti
Sappa Tugkhang Winaasandti Sappa Rokang Winaasandti
Sagkhanaa Ahang Wantaami Sappataa Sappataewaa Mang Bpaalayandtu
Sappataa Aedtaena Mangkala Dtaechaena Sappasoedthee Pawandtumae

Chant 9 times a day to improve your Horoscope and Merit. If you wish to increase the effects, the write your name, surname and day month and year of birth on a piece of paper and roll it up and put in the hollow hole in the middle of the Tagrud. This will bring much Luck, popularity and Fortune, and happy events.

You can Bucha this Tagrud either by placing it on the altar in your shrine at home, or in your place of business, or carrying it on your person. If you chant and Bucha every day, the results will be steady and noticeable.

If you chant to he triple gem first every day, then the rewards will be manyfold more.

The Tagrud Duang Sethee 'Run Srang Bote' is made from a four inch square of copper Tagrud, which LP Daeng inscribed with the 'Wicha Riak Sudtr Riak Nam Buang Suang Kroo Ba Ajarn Praju Puttakom Muan Kring' rolled up and covered in gold leaf. The Yant was made using LP Daengs highest state of Samadhi possible, during the Rerk (astrological alignment) of the Duang Sethee 5 duang (Five Millionaires alignment).

After the Buang Suang ceremony to invite the Devas to assist in empowerment, the Maha Mantra Navagote Sethee was made (nine millionaire nine faced Buddha). Then the Tagrud were covered in black lacquer and gold, and had further sacred Yantra inscribed and empowered on them and had a kring insert given. Each Tagrud has a limited edition code number on it.

After this major empowerment during the creation process was over, the amulets were taken to Wat Sutat and given another empowerment with Puttapisek Blessing ceremony with many famous Master Guru monks present to assist in the empowerment;

LP Ka Long (Wat Khao Hlaem), Luang Por An (Wat Rong Kho) Luang Por Siri (Wat Tan), Luang Por Foo (Wat Bang Samak, Luang Por Chamnan (Wat Bang Guti Tong) and Luang Por Somkid (Wat Nern Satara)

Size; 10.2 Cm long 1.1 cm diameter

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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