Pra Pid Ta Maha Sethee - Luang Phu Noi - Wat Bor Luang (Petchburi)

Luang Por Noi recieved his Wicha of Making Pra Pid Ta from a Venerable source; Luang Por Mee of Wat Pra Song Yord, Master Gaeji Ajarn of Petchburi, showed him the methods, which hie himself recieved in direct lineage from the Famous Luang Por Gaew of Wat Kruea Wan (whose Pid Ta coconut shell amulets fetch prices of hundred thousand dollars and upwards).

Luang Por Noi made these Pid Ta amulets according to the methods given to him from the authentic lineage of Wat Kruea Wan Pid Ta amulets. He left nothing missing, starting from the collection of exactly the same ingredients for the sacred powders, with same ratio of mixture of Wan herbs and Pong Aathan magical powders which were used in the original formula.

The amulets recieved empowerment with 108 recitals of Kata Pra Maha Mongkol.

Although the name of the amulet (Maha Sethee - meaning Multi Millionaire), induces the thought that this amulet is purely for increasing riches, this is in fact not true. The Pra Kata Maha Mongkol 108 is a Kata with much enchantment and Metta, which endows the blessed person or object with all kinds of benefits, including; Metta mahaniyom, Kaa Khaay (good sales), Maha Sanaeh (charm and attractive powers). In addition, Luang Phu Noi also added another spell - 'Gae Kro Gae Gam Serm Palang' (Improve your strength and Astrological Auspicious signs, and reduce your bad Karma).

All in all the Pra Kata Maha Mongkol endows the amulet with 108 kinds of auspicious blessings, which covers just about most angles in life. A simple glance at this amulet reveals how faithful to ancient tradition Luang Phu Noi has remained. A classic Pid Ta amulet indeed.

This is a perfect example of a true sacred amulet that is easily affordable, and thus one of our recommendations. Power is not always related to price (although sometimes it is). In this case, the power contained within this amulet is much more than the asking price reveals.

Pra Kata Bucha Pra Pid Ta Maha Sethee

(Say Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times first)

Then Chant;

Na Mo Puttassa Kawampadtissa Na Mo Tammassa Kawampadtissa Na Mo Sangkassa Kawampadtissa Sukhaa Sukha Warang Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U Tugkhang Anijjang Anatta Jaewa Saegkhaa Tammaa Yataa Put Mo Na Na Chaa Lee Dti
Pra Pid Ta Maha Sethee - Luang Phu Noi - Wat Bor Luang (Petchburi)
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