Pra Pid Ta Udom Sukh - Luang Phu Hmun sacred Buddha amulet to increase Fortunes

Pra Pid Ta Udom Sukh - Nuea Tong Pasom Chanuan Pra Bucha - Luang Phu Hmun Tidtasilo - Wat Ban Jan - 108 years anniversary 2543 BE

Made on the occasion of auspicious astrological alignment of 'Sao Ha' day, to commemorate the 108th birthday of Luang Phu Hmun of Wat Ban Jan. Empowered by Puttapisek and then released in the year 2543 BE. Made from Nuea Tong Pasom Chanuan Pra Bucha (brass alloys, with metal from old Sacred Buddha sculptures mixed into the smelting process). In addition, 108 Yantra metallic tagrud plates with Sacred 108 Na designs were melted into these Loi Ongk Metal Statuettes, as well as 14 Golden Na spells.It has the code 'Ma' in Khom as mark of authenticity on the rear face.

Pra Pid Ta Luang Phu Hmun

Made on Commission by Pra Maha Surakhant, of Wat Traimit Vidhyaram. The Pra Pid Ta blueprint was taken from Luang Phu Hmuns original Pra Pid Ta Sao Ha Lek Nam Pii. Although both amulets were empowered on the auspicious Sao Ha day, this particular Rare Masterpiece was named 'Pra Pid Ta Luang Phu Hmun' in order to not confuse the two different Pim (models).

Pra Pid Ta amulet Luang Phu Hmun

An immensely sacred and collectible Bucha item that offers both protection and prosperity ans well as steady improvement of Astgrological influences and realignment of ones auspicious signs (Serm Duang).

This is a Rare amulet of the Niyom category and of the intermediate price range of latter Classic Amulets.


The first Empowerment Ceremony was held at Wat Pah Nong Lom, on the 8th April 2543 BE. Luang Phu Hmun was the presiding Master of ceremonies along with Luang Phu Gong of Wat Sra Monton (108 Years olf monk from Ayuttaya).

In addition the Puttapisek was attended by the following Master Monks;

  • LP Lamai (Wat Po Yen, Petchaburn 101 years old)

  • LP Som Wat Ban Dan (Looksit of LP Ia)

  • Kru Ba Tiang Tam - Samnak Weluwan (Sri Saket)

  • LP Rit, Wat Ban None (Buriram)

  • Luang Phu Suang (Buriram) performed the Fire Kasina empowerment.

Second Puttapisek

Second empowerment came at the Monton Piti of Wat Traimit Vidhyaram in front of the image of Pra Ongk Tong Kam Luang Por Sukhothai Traimit.

Tan Chao Khun Thongchai (Pra Rachapawanawigrom) performed the honors of presiding over the Ceremony, which recieved Jhanic, Pranic and Kasina empowerments from;

  • LP Kampant - Wat Taat maha Chai (Nakorn Phanom)
  • LP Prohmma - Wat Tham Hin Pha Nang Koy
  • LP Khaw Puttasagkhidto - Wat Pha Poon Dam
  • LP Paeng Bparisuto - Wat Prataat ta Uten
  • Many other Gaeji Ajarn from around Thailand also attended.

Extremely few of these amulets were issued, which were empowered along with Luang Phu Hmuns number one famous Pra Pid Ta Lek Nam Pii Sao Ha amulets, which is almost impossible to find anymore.

Price includes fancy stainless steel casing water resistant, and free registered Airmail delivery.


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