Ruesi Por Gae Boroma Kroo (Ongk Gammagarn) - Ajarn Thoy Dabos

 Ruesi Por Gae Boroma Kroo (Ongk Gammagarn) - Nuea Mai Mongkol Pasom Ploi Rae - Run Wai Kroo 54 - Ajarn Thoy Dabos
This is the special Gammagarn edition of hand made limited number amulets made by Ruesi Ajarn Thoy Dabos for the 2011 Wai Kroo Por Gae Dta Fai Master Day ceremony. Made from sacred wood powders and minerals with semi precious stones ground up into the powder mixture.

Hand made in ancient tradition by Ruesi Por Gae Dta Fai (AKA Ajarn Thoy Dabos). Ajarn Thoy is a young Ajarn who has incredibly learned many Wicha from various great Ruesi Masters including Khmer Gurus. His magic has now travelled abroad and his sak yant tattoos and magic amulets and charms are becoming ever more famous in surrounding countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. This Rusei Loi Ongk sacred powder amulet is hand pressed for last years Wai Kroo event, to distribute at the ceremony.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).
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