Pha Yant Hmor Maha Wised - Dtamrap Gammathan - Somdej Pra Maha Wirawongs - Wat Sampant Wongs

This Pha Yant is made by Pra Maha Wirawongs of Wat Sampant Wongs, using the wicha given to him by Ajarn Singh, who is the creator of this Yantra.

It is a multi use magical Yantra for increasing wealth (maha Lap), business (kaa khaay), Metta Mahaniyom, Klaew Klaad (evade dangers) and Maha Pokasap.
Pra Maha Wirawongs is the Abbot of Wat Sampant Wongs, and direct Looksit of Ajarn Singh. He travelled on Tudong together and learned with the two great Masters, Ajarn Mun Puratto and and Ajarn Sao.

Luang Por gives blessings and recieves offerings

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