Garuda Amulet 'Diamond of the South' - LP Pan - Wat Sai Khaw

Paya Krut 'Paetch Mueang Dtai' (diamond of the South) - Luang Por Pan - Wat Sai Khaw (Songkhla) - fancy steel casing included in price

Garuda Amulet Luang Por Pan Wat Sai Khaw

'Paya Krut' (Garuda Deity) for Maha Amnaj (commanding power and dominion), Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad (invincibility and evasion of dangers), and Maha Lap (riches).

A suitable size for both a Man or a Lady, this is a finely crafted amulet of fine artistic design from one of Thailands most famous temples and one of the Southern Magical Khao or Lineage afilliates, which is a historic temple of Luang Phu Tuad amulets since the Generations, and all of the abbots of its history have been Master Guru monks with powerful wicha for empowering amulets. Luang Por Pan is te current abbot of Wat Sai Khaw and a Master Gaeji Ajarn of equal stature to his predecessors.

Garuda amulet LP Pan - Wat Sai Khaw

Sacred Na and Luang Por Pans name are embossed on the rear of the Garuda Deity

A powerful Puttapisek empowerment with a host of Nationally important Guru Monks to join in with the empowerment at Wat Sai Khaw. Comes with fancy stainless steel case included in price, and original box from the temple.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66840577350(Thailand).

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